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Republic of Northumbria is a nation led by Prime Minister Matt2004 on the continent of Europe. Republic of Northumbria's government is a Parliamentary Democracy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Republic of Northumbria favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of Republic of Northumbria is the Euro. At 2,119 days old, Republic of Northumbria is an ancient nation. Republic of Northumbria has a population of 6,446,713 and a land area of 73,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 88.31. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Raiding health workers is a poor move and will result in going to the bad place.

Orbis is cancelled. We live on Chromatica.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Northumbria
Leader Name:Matt2004
Currency:Currency Image Euro
History:On the 7th of May 2010, the City of Newcastle Upon Tyne officially declared itself to be the independentof the United Kingdom.
. A myth states that from that day forth, the folk of Newcastle became known as 'Geordies', however, they had this name since the coming of the English to the British Isles.
After devolution of powers and independence, Northumbria is lead by the former North East Combined Authority (NECA)

In 2014 the age limit for all drinking was lowered to 5, in accordance to the law of 1933.
As of 2015 the republic now covers most of North-East England.

In 2017, the Northumbrian government published the "NE Hitlist", naming those wanted for crimes against humanity:

Taylor Swift: Ruining music
Donald Trump: Stealing Cheryl's fake tan
Katie Hopkins: Awaiting to be sent to the USA, on a one-way ticket (easyJet cargo)
Land Area:117,481.82 sq. km
Terrain:Terrain is mostly urban.

Northumbria is situated to the North East of England, in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear and the historical and traditional county of Northumberland. The city is located on the northwestern bank of the River Tyne at a latitude of 54.974° N and a longitude of 1.614° W. It is 46 miles from the Scottish border.
In large parts, Newcastle still retains a medieval street layout. Narrow alleys or 'chares', most of which can only be traversed by foot, still exist in abundance, particularly around the riverside. Stairs from the riverside to higher parts of the city centre and the extant Castle Keep, originally recorded in the 14th century, remain intact in places, however the Castle Keep itself was partially demolished in order for Network Fail and Nexus to modernise the nearby Central Station.
Highest Peak:Ars Hill, 100 meters
Lowest Valley:South Shields, 0 meters
Climate:Soaking Wet and freezing. Weather is the #1 cause of delays of Metro.

Temperature extremes recorded at Newcastle Weather Centre include 32.5 °C during August 1990 down to −12.6 °C during January 1982. In contrast to other areas influenced by the Gulf Stream, such as inland Scandinavia, Newcastle has milder winters and cooler summers, similar to the remainder of the British Isles.

Geordies are frequently seen on Friday nights in the middle of a blizzard wearing very little, attempting to break into the nearest branch of Greggs. This practice is known as joining the "queue of shame" for the stores to open at 5AM.
People & Society
Population:6,446,713 people
Demonym Plural:Geordies
Ethnic Groups:European - 80.0%
Soft Southerners - 15.0%
"American" (Ungreatful Colonials) - 5.0%
Languages:Real English (Not American) - 98.0%
Posh English - 0.5%
Others - 1.5%
Religions:MendesArmy - 90.0%
Imperial Cult - 0.1%
Daily Mail readers - 0.0%
Life Expectancy:125 years
Alcohol Users:99.9%
Tobacco Users:0%
Cannabis Users:25%
Hard Drug Users:0.5%
Description:This nation has a Socialist economy, with high taxes for the rich people in Jesmond and low taxes for everyone else.

In April 2016, Metro operator Arriva was awarded the Northern franchise on the condition that the government would take 25% ownership, the government is in the process of major re-nationalisation of public services by state owned company LNSGroup buying operators under concession. LNS owns airlines, bus, ferry and Train Operating Companies, power plants, water stations and communication service, as well as private activities such as hotels, shopping centres and six banks. In May 2016, LNSGroup PLC took full ownership of ArrivaPLC from the German State Railway (DB). LNS continued its expansion in June buying Deutsche Telekom AG (T-Mobile), Rolls-Royce, Aldi Sud and Go-Ahead.

Upon the collapse of the Thomas Cook Group - a majority of assets were nationalized under a new holding company, Tyneside Cook. Today Tyneside Cook is the largest charter tour operator in the world, overtaking TUI.

Today, LNS is the second largest company in Europe by revenue, and the largest by staff members, operating in 173 countries. The company is expected to continue growth by acquiring a 10% stake in Airbus Group, and beginning development of the world's largest biofuel airliner - the A360.

The government of Northumbria has also grown a Magic Money Tree. The government can simply shake the tree at anytime and provide what people want.
Average Yearly Income:$156.08
GDP per Capita:$1,280.56
Industries:The major industries of GRN are Tourism, nightclubs and alcohol brewing. Newcastle International Airport is a major employer, as are the manufacturing industries.

State-owned LNSGroup is a major multinational conglomerate providing transport, property, communications, consumer and enterprise services. Go-Ahead, Tyneside Cook and Arriva are headquartered in Northumbria.

Northumbria also produces large amounts of Hay around Newcastle Airport in order to feed British Airways cabin crew.

The robotics industry of Northumbria got off to a shaky start, as the flagship "Maybot" product appeared to suffer from several bugs, simply repeating the words "Strong and Stable". This was later traced back to the wheat based biofuel used to ensure that Maybot 3000 was carbon neutral during operations. The industry improved with the launch of BorisBot, aulthough several improvements are needed to the design of the wig.
History:The armed forces were established after the St Patrick's day massacre. In the tensions leading up to the Great VE War the MendesArmy were expanded for defence purposes.

ICB Missiles were built in August 2015. As of May 2016 the Air Force and Navy take the majority of funds to the armed forces. Airbus Group (LSE:EADS) and LNS Aerospace jointly produce the A480 and A590 aircraft in addition to their civil offerings.
Nuclear Weapons:2
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