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Genesis is a new and friendly democratic alliance that is dedicated to growing it's members, defending them and providing members with most efficient and practical guides for Politics & War.
New and inexperienced players have a chance to meet and play with patient and experienced players in all aspects of the game.

You will be notified through a message if your application was approved

Foreign Affairs:
PrinceofHell#6301 and Israel#4917

Military Affairs:
Krayelsi95#0579 and the chef#4538

Internal Affairs:
FireGod#8435 and Krayelsi95#0579

•Espionage attacks are considered as an act of war and will be treated as such.
•If you're into raiding and you raid one of us you will be met with counters at full strength.Business/Diplomats

Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

Alliance Name Date Members Color Average Score Score Status
United Purple Nations03/12/202258purple3,210.54186,211.17Active
World Task Force06/21/202219maroon5,660.30107,545.66Active