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The Coal Mines


TCM Never Dies 


TCM has a rich history, spanning all the way to 2019, of war and peace, of victory and loss, but foremost: Of never giving up.

Coal King (Leader/Econ): Nokia Rokia
Coal Prince (Regent): TeaBoi

 Coal Princess (Regent^2):Evernt 


Coal Duke (Advisor): Motky
Coal Duke (Advisor): Rainbow
Coal Duke (Advisor): Mycs
Coal Lord (Advisor): Kaiser
Coal Count (Advisor): Bred

Coal Prince (Senior IA): Sorra
Coal Lord (IA): Fikus
Coal Count (IA): RightClick
Coal Baron (IA): Ackorrn

Coal Lord (Econ): StanEmilia
Coal Lord (Econ): Mommy Log

Coal Lord (Tech): Jlu

Coal Lord (Tech): DarkGodEM
Coal Count (Tech): Kiwiscripter
Coal Count (Tech): Silent

Coal Prince (MA): Teaboi
Coal Baron (MA): Calcis❦

Coal Lord (FA): Potato man
Coal Lord (FA): Laporte
Coal Count (FA): MugDrop
Coal Count (FA): IDK_TBH



  • Grants,
  • Urban Planning, 
  • Advanced Urban Planning, 
  • Metropolitan Planning

  • Positive environment,
  • Camaraderie in and out of the game,
  • Stress-free learning,
  • Help with maximizing income

Our Femboi Overlord Astolfo


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***Allergy advice: May contain trace amounts of dynamite, soot, gluten, and nuts.

We reserve the right to counter regardless of perceived activity.

 ❤️Sorra is best boy❤️



Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Coal Mines (TCM)
Coal King: Nokia Rokia
Coal Prince: Evernt , Teaboi , Sorra Himguard
Coal Duke: Motky , Mycs , Goat Daddy
Coal Lord: Justinian II , Rianer , Queen Elizabeth II , Coalition Government , Ethel Bellegarde , Noob the first , Zhenh Rugh , Frederick V , Wander Log , EuclidesGBM
Coal Count: Kinky kali , RebL , Abdullah Abdullid , Kaszimiar Lutinski , Kiwiscripter , Yarw Estilhuer
Coal Baron: Ackorrn
Founded: 02/02/2020 (1,143 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Useless Aqua
Members: 62
Alliance Rank: #32 of 754 (4.24%)
Score: 130,481.94
Avg Score: 2,104.55
Forum Link: Click Here
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 4 (6.06%)
Beige Nations: 4 (6.45%)
Gray Nations: 2 (3.23%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 834
Total Infrastructure: 1,536,060.85
Total Land: 1,945,171.00
Total Population: 198,077,216
Total GDP: $198,153,428,994
Total Soldiers: 7,670,012
Total Tanks: 455,650
Total Aircraft: 47,832
Total Ships: 4,666
Total Missiles: 83
Total Nuclear Weapons: 20
Wars Won: 3,020
Wars Lost: 1,277
Lukas Aufstand760.00
Charles Tempski887.10
V Rein N00B819.50
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP New Polar OrderN/A
PIAT The MinuteMenN/A
Protectorate VibeN/A
Protectorate United Purple NationsN/A
Protectorate Antarctic PiratesN/A