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The Golden Horde


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~Heredes Legati Khan~

The Golden Horde stands as a beacon of resilience, echoing the unwavering spirit of the renowned Mongol warriors. Our alliance thrives on unity, with members spanning across the globe with a range of different backgrounds, showcasing that our diversity is our true strength.


The Great Khan


Jinong (2iC) 

Kiyat-Borjigin: Rein

Beklare-Bek: Tachi 

Khans (High Gov) 

Khanate of Destruction: Charles IV & Henry  

Khanate of Foreign Affairs: Kastor 

Khanate of Internal Affairs: Adam 

Khanate of Treasury: Floyd & Sniper 



Kurultai Council: Elros, Pablo, Rashek, MasterChief



If you yearn for a dynamic and strategic alliance experience, if you wish to be part of a community that values diversity and unity, and if you are ready to carve your name into the annals of history, then the Golden Horde welcome you with open arms. Together, we shall conquer new frontiers, just as the Mongols once did, and forge an alliance that will be remembered for ages to come. Join us, and let's ride into the future as conquerors of a new era!



For diplomatic inquiries please contact Kastor (@kztor), or Rein Dvorak (@trollologist).

For embassies, join our Foreign Affairs Server.

Member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

MDP with Dark Brotherhood.

Protector of P.E.R.C.C


We protect our members and applicants regardless of perceived activity. This is your only warning.

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