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Power Improvements

Power Improvements are improvements that generate power to your city, which is used to operate some other improvements.


Powering your city is almost always a must. Every Improvement requires power to operate except for Power Improvements and Resource Improvements.

To produce Manufactured Resources, use Civil Improvements, increase your Commerce rate, or support a Military your city will need to be powered.

Power Plants

There are four power plant options you can choose from to supply power to your city. Each Improvement varies in its construction cost, resource used, operational cost, how much Infrastructure it can support, and Pollution Index.

NameInfrastructure LimitResourceBuild CostOperational Cost/TurnPollution Index
Coal Power Plant500Coal$5,0000.1 Coal/100 Infrastructure
8 points
Oil Power Plant500Oil$7,0000.1 Oil/100 Infrastructure
6 points
Nuclear Power Plant2,000Uranium$500,000
100 Steel
0.1 Uranium/1,000 Infrastructure
0 points
Wind Power Plant250None$30,000
25 Aluminum
$420 points

Category: City