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How to Delete Your Nation in Politics and War

This is a helpful article explaining how to delete your nation in the online political strategy game Politics and War.

To delete your nation, first open the sidebar menu or mobile menu if playing on mobile. Then, under the Nation heading, you will see a link “Edit”. Click or tap “Edit”.

From that page, there is a “Delete Nation” link at the top of the page. There you will be able to delete your nation. You can also click here for a direct link to the “Delete Nation” page.

How to Delete Your Account

Each player has an account (consisting of your email address, password, and account ID) record along with a nation record. When you register, you first create an account, and then create a nation.

If you have deleted your nation, you can create a new nation with the same account. This is sometimes referred to as a “reroll” and will maintian your existing Nation ID/Account ID and some data from your old nation.

Players cannot manually delete their own account record, however, these records are automatically deleted by the system within 24-48 hours of having no nation associated with them.

Category: Support