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Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measurement of the wealth and resources generated by a nation over the period of one year.


GDP is determined in large part by a nation's net income, or gross income less gross expenses. Factors such as military and other expenses, as well as alliance taxes detract from a nation's GDP.


The net resources that a nation produces contribute to a nation's GDP, factored in at the current average market prices when GDP is calculated. For this reason, changes in average market prices can change the GDP of a nation, all other factors held constant.

GDP per Capita

GDP per Capita is the average GDP per citizen. A higher GDP per Capita generally indicates that a nation's citizens have a higher quality of life compared to a nation with a lower GDP per Capita.


GDP is the summation of a nation's net income per day, as well as the monetary value of net resources produced, multiplied by 365.24. It is calculated and updated each time a nation visits its Revenue page.


GDP = (Net Income Daily + (Net Resources Produced Daily * Average Market Prices)) * 365.24
GDP per Capita = GDP / Population

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