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Gasoline is a manufactured resource consumed by military units, and used to build National Projects, Missiles, and Nuclear Weapons.


Like all manufactured resources, any nation can produce Gasoline, regardless of continent.


Oil Refineries produce Gasoline, which requires the raw resource, Oil, to produce. Oil Refineries are relatively expensive to build, but Gasoline is usually sold at a high price. Players can either produce their own Oil natively, or purchase it on the market to refine into Gasoline.

Gasoline is produced at a rate of 3 Oil per 6 Gasoline. Each Oil Refinery uses 0.5 Oil per turn, and produces 1 Gasoline per turn. You can build up to 5 Oil Refineries per city.

The Emergency Gasoline Reserve National Project changes the Gasoline production rate from 0.5 per turn, to 1 per turn. It also increases Oil consumption relatively. To increase Gasoline Production, a nation can increase the number of Oil Refineries it has or build the Emergency Gasoline Reserve National Project.


Gasoline is an important resource used primarily in war. Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships all consume Gasoline in battles. Gasoline is comparable to Munitions.


*All Formulas Are Per Turn Unless Otherwise Noted

Oil Refinery Production = Oil Refineries * 0.5

Oil Refinery Production w/ Emergency Gasoline Reserve = Oil Refineries * 1

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