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Food is a resource used to feed your population and your Soldiers.


Food is a available to nations on every Continent.


Farms produce food, and the amount that they produce is dependent upon your city's Land Area. Farms are very cheap to build and operate, and never run out of Food to grow. Each city can have up to 20 Farms.

The Mass Irrigation National Project changes the Food production formula in a way that allows you to grow more Food. To increase Food Production, a nation can increase the number of Farms it has, increase the Land Area in cities with Farms, or build the Mass Irrigation National Project.


Food is a necessary component in feeding your population. Soldiers also consume some Food every turn. Each turn an amount of Food is consumed, and if you run out of Food your Gross Income will fall by 33%.

Seasonal Production Changes

Food is affected by the Game Date. Food Production varies from season to season, depending on what Hemisphere your nation is in.

When your nation's Hemisphere is in Summertime, you will experience a 20% increase in Food Production. When your nation's Hemisphere is in Wintertime, you will experience a 20% decrease in Food Production. During Spring and Fall Food Production remains normal.


*All Formulas Are Per Turn Unless Otherwise Noted

Normal City Food Production = (City's Land Area / 500) * Farms

Mass Irrigation City Food Production = (City's Land Area / 400) * Farms

Population's Food Consumption = Nation's Population / 12000

Peacetime Soldier's Food Consumption = Soldiers / 9000

Wartime Soldier's Food Consumption = Soldiers / 6000

Summer's Seasonal Effect = Food Production * 1.2

Winter's Seasonal Effect = Food Production * 0.8

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