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Daily Login Bonus

The daily login bonus is a reward for being an active player and checking on your nation every day.

How It Works

Every day that you login, your nation earns a minimum of $200,000. For each day that you consecutively login, you add $50,000 to that amount, up to a maximum of $500,000 per day. If you consistently login every day, your nation can earn up to $3,500,000 per week just by being active.

New Players

New players with nations less than 60 days old have a maximum cap of $1,000,000. They have the same $100,000 minimum, and increment by $50,000 per day, but can earn far more money over their first 60 days by logging in once per day. New nations can earn $1,000,000 daily by their 26th day of consecutive activity, and can earn $53,200,000 over their first 60 days just by logging in each day.

Category: Misc