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One credit is equivalent to ~$5 USD, but multiple credits can be bought in bulk at a discount

You can buy more than 10 credits at a time however, and you can spend as many Credits as you want per month on "cosmetic" bonuses like VIP subscriptions and other options that do not give your nation any advantage.

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  • Each nation can only spend 10 credits on "pay-to-win" benefits
  • You can only buy credits for your nation.




Credit Cost

Counts towards Limit

Money20 million1Yes
  • 5k for all resources
  • 150k food
Nation/Leader Name ChangeChange your in game nation or leader name2No
VIPLearn about VIP here.1No
VIP partyThis package gives all nations in your alliance with 7 or more days of seniority 30 days of VIP status.30No
In Game Advertisement

An Advertisement will run for 20 days (240 turns)

You can post an ad here.

City Timer ResetRemoves city timer3Yes
Project Timer ResetRemoves project timer1Yes
Continent ChangeChanges your continent in game2No
Infrastructure100 infrastructure added to a city1Yes
Baseball Team LogoCustom logo for your baseball team1No
Alliance Page UpgradeAllows your alliance page to feature a YouTube video as well as a custom background image.4No
Alliance Forum PipLet people represent your alliance's badge on their forum profiles. Any alliance worth their salt has a fun, unique forum pip.2No


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