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Treasures are a feature that increases both your nation and alliance’s income. Your alliance gets a bonus for each treasure it has with this formula: 

  • square root of; (# of Treasures in the Alliance)* 4


Your nation’s bonus depends on which treasure you get, varying between 5 and 9 percent.
You can get a treasure in three ways: Random Spawning, Treasure Trading, and Winning Through War.

Treasures have a set timer, and spawn on a nation depending on continent and/or colour assigned to the treasure. They spawn every 60 days in nations between 15 and 65 percent of the largest nation’s score. You can find all treasures, reset timers, current holders, and parameters for each treasure here:

You can also trade treasures for money here: This will directly give you the treasure if you are buying or give someone else the treasure you have.

Finally, you can win a war against a nation with a Treasure in it, which will give you the Treasure though you have to make sure your nation is not under a blockade when you finish the war.



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