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Tanks are heavy armored units built using factories in game. They are used with soldiers for offensive ground attacks, but can still hold on their own without soldiers while defending against an enemy ground attack. Tanks normally have a combat value equal to 40 soldiers without munitions that can be halved against an enemy with Air Superiority on you.

Tanks are used for ground attacks, however, you still need at least 50 soldiers to launch an attack. Tanks significantly increase your ground capabilities, allowing you to loot much more with your ground attacks, destroy much higher amounts of infrastructure and also destroy enemy aircraft if you have Ground Control established.

Tanks cost 0.50 steel and $60 per tank to build. Each factory allows you to build 50 tanks per day and holds a maximum of 250 tanks.

Tanks cost $50 per day in peacetime and $75 per day in wartime.

Tanks use 1 unit of munitions and 1 unit of gasoline per 100 tanks to operate in battles.

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