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Nuclear weapons or nukes are weapons of mass destruction built using the Nuclear Research Facility and do not require any city improvement. They are best known for their massive infrastructure damage and the radiation that stays after the attack for over a week, keeping the pollution level high in affected cities and thus increasing disease and reducing the population. Nukes are the only military unit that are able to destroy power plants in a city.

Nukes are launched using 12 MAPs on an enemy city of player’s choice, however, nukes don’t let you choose the type of improvements you want to target like missiles. A successful nuclear attack destroys 4 improvements in a city and a significant amount of infrastructure. Enemies with the Vital Defense System national project will have a 25% chance of thwarting a nuclear attack.

Each nuke costs $1.75m, 750 aluminum, 500 gasoline and 250 uranium. There is no limit on how many nukes you can have at once but you can only build one nuke per day.

Each nuke adds $35k to your daily upkeep cost in peacetime which increases to $52.5k in war time.

Nukes don’t require any resources to be launched.

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