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Colour Trade Blocs

Colour Trade Blocs are a feature where you decide what colour your nation is on. You want to match your colour with your alliance’s colour, as that will give a bonus depending on the colour.


There are two special blocs: Beige and Grey. You cannot change to either of them, though you will not be taxed on either.

  • Beige is for new nations or nations that have just lost a war. On Beige, you get a set $50,000 bonus. When your nation is created, you are given 14 days of time on Beige (Beige Time), and after you lose a war, you are given 2 days of Beige Time, which stacks per war.
  • Grey is for inactive nations and gives no bonus. It is not preferable to be on Grey for this reason. You will be moved to Grey after Beige Time expires or if you have been inactive for at least 5 days.


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