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Basics of Milcom

  • Milcom is a department of an alliance’s government that focuses on the militaristic side of the alliance.
  • Milcom will coordinate wars that the alliance is in, set MMR requirements, set Warchest requirements, deal with raiders attacking the alliance, protect the bank, and help new members with questions they have.
    • War coordination
      • There is a lot of pre-planning before an offensive war even begins. Milcom and/or the alliance’s leader will usually consult with other alliances on beige policy, distribution of targets, and when the war will be declared. For defensive wars, there isn’t much planning since most of the time there isn’t. But most of the coordinating will be focused on maximizing damage dealt to the enemy and eventually a counterblitz.
    • Dealing With Raiders
      • Eventually you will have some nations attack your alliance to get some juicy loot whether that be from an applicant or an inactive member. It is milcom’s job to prevent pirates from looting members and potentially the bank. Best way to deal with them is to send counters and have the pirates pegged down to where they realize it’s best to not hit your alliance anymore.
    • Protecting The Bank
      • If a member is gonna lose their war, or the alliance is in a global war, it is best to move all the money and resources from the alliance bank to an offshore to protect it from being looted (it is recommended that all government members with bank access should know how to offshore).
    • MMR and Warchest Requirements
      • MMR
        • MMR stands for Minimum Military Requirements. MMR is defined by 4 numbers, which stand for the number of military improvements to have in all cities: first one Barracks, 2nd one Factories, 3rd Hangars, and 4th Drydocks. For MMR, you want to set a balance to where your members can prosper during peacetime and be able to quickly militarize if a war may be happening. The best way is by how frequent your wars are, and how fast your members can militarize. 
      • Warchests 
        • For Warchests, you should have a warchest that can last you and your alliance through war with a blockade. Most alliances have a city count-based system where you have a base amount of resources times the number of cities said member has (3000 munitions * city count).
  • To set up your milcom department, you will want someone who is experienced with the war system in politics and war and can handle the stress of managing multiple members and their wars. It’s also a good idea to have an area setup for milcom gov to communicate with each other and to make war rooms to coordinate wars with members.
  • For Milcom gov, it is best to expand the department with your membership since having 1-2 people handling 70 members during war is not a good idea.

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