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Basics of Internal Affairs

  • Internal Affairs, also known as IA, is a department of an alliance’s government that focuses on the internal aspects of the alliance and its members.
  • Internal Affairs works towards ensuring that all members are active in the alliance with a level of competency set. They also deal with members who have either broken alliance rules, or have made a bad decision.
    • Member Applications
      • IA will handle applications to the alliance by setting up a channel for the applicant so they can conduct the interview themselves or with members who volunteer.
    • Activity Management
      • Members will become inactive whether they forget to log in or become busy. IA will step in to handle the situation by having said member login, having members go into vacation mode if needed, or moving them to applicant to avoid the alliance bank getting looted.
    • Training New Players
      • When a new player is accepted into the alliance, they need to be trained in the different aspects of the game. From raiding inactive nations to earn money, understanding how to manage your nation from projects to city builds, to understanding how war works and preparing them for it. It is IA’s job to have those members trained and ready for their journey into politics and war. 
    • Removing Leakers and Troublesome Members
      • There will come a time where you will have members who apply with the intention of leaking alliance ospec, or to cause trouble in the alliance. It is up to IA to deal with those members accordingly by getting to the root of the problem and removing it by kicking said member from the alliance and even attacking their nation if the situation calls for it.
    • Audits
      • IA will do audits to make sure everyone is meeting requirements, whether it’s making sure everyone is meeting infra levels, MMR, proper city builds, and more. Those who refuse to meet requirements or have a tendency to fail these audits must be dealt with accordingly.
  • To start your IA department, you’ll want someone who can stand their ground and enforce alliance policy even under scrutiny. You’ll also want to setup an interview section with a way for members to apply and have interview channels setup automatically. Making guides meant for teaching new players is a good idea as well.
  • It is recommended to expand your IA gov as your alliance's membership expands. A small alliance with only 10-20 members is easy to manage for one person. But as the alliance grows, setting up a chain of command would be beneficial to remain efficient.

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