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Northern United States

Northern United States is a nation led by President Jim Bridger on the continent of South America. Northern United States's government is a Constitutional Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, Northern United States favors moderate policies. The official currency of Northern United States is the Dollar. At 618 days old, Northern United States is an ancient nation. Northern United States has a population of 1,767,111 and a land area of 12,200.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 144.85. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

One Year Old- December 12, 2018
First Nuke Eaten- Jan 6, 2019 (Credits to Pooball, ID 109719) (RIP Pooball for cheating)

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1)07/25/2019 02:14 pm Arrgh BankNorthern United StatesWest Point$
2)07/15/2019 02:30 pm Arrgh BankNorthern United StatesPocon$
3)07/12/2019 02:46 pm Arrgh BankNorthern United StatesDark Hyrule$
4)06/30/2019 01:11 am Evolution BankNorthern United States$934,918.00174.0020.0026.0022.0016.0032.0016.0018.0013.001.0016.00
5)06/27/2019 05:24 am NATO BankNorthern United States$498,510.001,221.0053.0024.0016.0030.0018.0026.0019.0079.0042.0017.00
6)06/07/2019 12:36 am The Federation BankNorthern United StatesSela$2,019,584.
7)06/04/2019 02:06 pm The Federation BankNorthern United StatesSoul Society$1,326,732.00553.0066.0061.0052.0010.0093.001.00218.00537.00381.00273.00
8)06/01/2019 07:51 pm BankNorthern United StatesSharish Crim$52,655.00149.
9)05/30/2019 12:38 pm BankNorthern United StatesPathos$,500.00
10)05/30/2019 04:02 am Arrgh BankNorthern United StatesAryana$
11)05/27/2019 06:15 pm The Federation BankNorthern United StatesKingsLand$12,685.
12)05/26/2019 10:36 pm The Federation BankNorthern United StatesLiberta$51,539.
13)05/26/2019 11:46 am Arrgh BankNorthern United StatesOle Vonaire$
14)05/26/2019 11:45 am The Federation BankNorthern United StatesEmpire of Tyranaus$10,802.
15)05/24/2019 12:31 pm Arrgh BankNorthern United StatesMatrix$

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