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Republic of Indonesia is a nation led by Prince Andra on the continent of Asia. Republic of Indonesia's government is a Constitutional Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, Republic of Indonesia favors moderate policies. The official currency of Republic of Indonesia is the Bitcoin. At 1,089 days old, Republic of Indonesia is an ancient nation. Republic of Indonesia has a population of 6,835,325 and a land area of 42,020.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 162.67. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.


The best among you are those who have the best manners and character

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1)03/23/2020 03:57 am IndonesiaThe Enterprise BankIndonesia$10.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.00
2)03/12/2020 12:24 pm The Syndicate BankIndonesiaBasileia ton Rhomaion$0.00422,000.00886.0046,126.009,221.00943.002,913.00779.0044,511.9844,409.980.0010,245.98
3)02/29/2020 10:35 am The Syndicate BankIndonesiaBasileia ton Rhomaion$,643.
4)02/25/2020 10:17 am The Syndicate BankIndonesiaBasileia ton Rhomaion$,
5)02/19/2020 03:08 pm The Syndicate BankIndonesiaAustreich$0.0050,
6)02/19/2020 09:57 am The Syndicate BankIndonesiaBasileia ton Rhomaion$30,000,,000.005,000.00
7)02/19/2020 09:46 am The Syndicate BankIndonesiaBasileia ton Rhomaion$0.0050,
8)02/19/2020 09:42 am The Syndicate BankIndonesiaBasileia ton Rhomaion$282,842,694.
9)02/16/2020 07:12 am The Syndicate BankIndonesiaAustreich$10,000,,000.02
10)02/13/2020 10:18 am The Enterprise BankIndonesiaEastern Roman Empire$2,500,
11)02/08/2020 01:00 pm The Syndicate BankIndonesiaBasileia ton Rhomaion$5,000,,000.005,000.001,000.008,000.00
12)02/07/2020 12:16 pm New Pacific Order BankIndonesia$16,322.0018.
13)02/04/2020 08:34 am IndonesiaThe Syndicate BankIndonesia$,581.
14)02/02/2020 04:05 pm The Syndicate BankIndonesiaBasileia ton Rhomaion$14,000,000.0015,,,000.005,000.001,000.008,000.00
15)01/31/2020 10:51 pm The Enterprise BankIndonesiaSithar$2,000,

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