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Northern Empire

Northern Empire is a nation led by Prime Minister Alexander Siberia on the continent of Europe. Northern Empire's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Northern Empire favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of Northern Empire is the Bitcoin. At 1,122 days old, Northern Empire is an ancient nation. Northern Empire has a population of 55,577 and a land area of 45,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 1.24. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Northern Empire
Leader Name:Alexander Siberia
Currency:Currency Image Bitcoin
History:The country is lead by a parliament and and a royal family, who balance each other's power. The country's sovereignty includes:

Parliament: Elected by the people every four years, the parliament takes the opinions of the people and attempts to convince the Queen to change the law. Parliament is lead by a Chancellor, who is chosen by the Parliament at the beginning of the four years.

Chancellor: Elected by the Parliament, the Chancellor is second in command to the Prime Minister, and approves edits to the constitution and laws that that the Queen sends. Evelyn Sharp, the current Chancellor, works in Internal affairs, and as a internal ambassador.

Prime Minister: Alexander Siberia controls the entire military force, and is the lead foreign affairs diplomat. Alexander speaks with the military leaders to plan an attack, spies report to him after a mission, however the Prime Minister, all military leaders, the chancellor, the Minister of Homeland Security and The Queen must all agree before launching a nuclear warhead.

The Queen: Astrid Vik, the Queen of the Northern Empire, The Queen chooses the military leaders, Prime Minister, and can knight a police officer or soldier in the line of battle,N or students that show an immense intelligence and benefit the Nation. Knighting someone is seen as an extreme respect, and is an honor one carries to the grave. The Chancellor, Prime Minister, and the three military leaders have been knighted. The queen can edit, approve, or veto a bill passed by the Parliament, however if a majority vote in Parliament occurs, they can override a veto.

General: General Jonavan controls the ground forces of the Northern Empire, which includes tanks and soldiers. Jonavan was and appointed General by The Queen. Jonavan works with Alexander to plan a battle. Jonavan is part of the Northern Nuclear Club, meaning he is one of the seven people in the Nation that must approve the firing of a nuclear missile.

Commander: Commander Christensen is the head of the Imperial air force, and with the permission of the prime minister can fire a missile at a target. Christensen was knighted and appointed commander by the Queen, and is part of the Northern Nuclear Club.

Admiral: Admiral Olsen is the leader of the Naval branch of military, and is boarded along the Northern Empire's Capital Ship, named after him. Olsen was knighted and appointed admiral by the Queen, and is part of the Northern Nuclear Club. Olsen is in constant work with Christensen and the two are close friends.

Board of Ministry: Consists of 5 ministers hand picked by the Prime Minister to press for laws and influence the Prime Minister

Minister of Disease and Pollution Control: Has the objective of making sure the people of the Northern Empire are healthy, and that the country is as clean as can be. Presses for the building of hospitals and can edit budget for recycling centers, and preaches clean power.

Minister of Law Enforcement: Has the objective of halting crime and stopping the drug trade, and hiring city sheriffs. Presses for increases in wealth and safety, by appointing city sheriffs and promoting the building of police stations.

Minister of Development: Has the objective of boosting cities economies and constructing improvements and throws project ideas. Presses for larger infrastructure and commerce purchases, and promotes city and quality life spending, education and city development.

Minister of Agriculture: Has the objective of maintaining a sufficient food stockpile and manages private farming, the Minister presses for healthier and productive foods, and promotes having a self-sustaining food supply, rather than wasting the national budget on trade.

Minister of Homeland Security: A member of the Northern Nuclear Club, the Minister of Homeland Security manages military budget, advocates volunteers, addresses the draft, and manages terrorism and immigration. Promotes a strong and independent Northern Empire, and is the main diplomat in House Stark.

Northern Nuclear Club: The name of a group of major members of the Northern Empire government that decide when a nuclear missile should be fired, and all must approve the opening of a nuclear power plant. The Northern Nuclear Club must vote at least 5 to 7 on whether a nuke should be launched. These members are: The General, The Prime Minister, The Admiral, The Commander, The Queen, and The Minister of Homeland Security.

Land Area:72,420.30 sq. km
Terrain:Very mountainous regions with steep drops and sharp rocks, Haven is a geographical beauty. The city follows the edge of the Haven River and into the North Sea, where long sheets of ice form in the winter, disabling the river. The ground is rich with coal and lead. The mountain Pyre, is an active volcano, with lava flow that travels down to the city of Valkyrie, where the heat warms the air. In one area in Valkyrie, the lava from Pyre connects with the North Sea, which coats the city in a deep fog yearly. In between the mountains Haven and Pyre, lies Uppskeru. With many rivers leading into the city, and steam form Valkyrie travels downward, blanketing the flat surface with moisture, making the place great for farming. On the tip of the Haven Mountain lies Arctica, which connects to the haven river, and
Highest Peak:Mt. Haven, 6,582 meters
Lowest Valley:Uppskeru Valley, -48 meters
Climate:An extremely cold area, with temperatures reaching the negative during winter, the Norwegian current brings slightly warmer waters. Little precipitation, however powerful winds can cause small snowstorms along bases of mountains. Summers bring long days and allow people to do work with more time. Winters get extremely cold, and during periods of time can bring night for a full day. Springs are few and short, only lasting three days, however spring has a certain wind that alerts people winter is over. Autumn are short, only about a month, however carry big storms that water the plants one last time before the harvest.
People & Society
Population:55,577 people
Demonym Plural:Scandinavians
Ethnic Groups:Nordic German - 45.6%
Baltic - 29.3%
Slavic - 25.1%
Languages:Old Germanic - 76.5%
Finnish - 22.4%
Arctic - 1.1%
Religions:Lutheran - 75.1%
Slavic - 19.6%
Norse - 5.3%
Life Expectancy:96 years
Alcohol Users:1.1%
Tobacco Users:0.4%
Cannabis Users:0.7%
Hard Drug Users:2.3%
Description:The Northern Empire revolves around a highly capitalist society in which the government has little interference with the free market. The government does however regulate what is brought in to the country and what is brought out. With strict prohibition laws, using Military Police to filter drugs, alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco out of the system. The estimated percent of the amount of addictive users in this country is based upon the amount of recent drug busts and moonshine raids done by police. This country uses the bitcoin, and many purchases are made online. The low class tends to barter using butter cookies, which are treated as more valuable than the bitcoin. The free market allows actions between the classes fairly common, and the richer peoples actually buy the soft butter cookies from the low class.
Average Yearly Income:$47.30
GDP per Capita:$9,884.58
Industries:The industries in the Northern Empire include a rich fishing industry, making seafood relatively cheap. A massive baking industry for butter cookies, however only sole proprietors bake them as use of a secondary currency. With rich coal grounds, the mining industry is booming for lead and coal.
History:Since the establishment of the Northern Empire, Prime Minister Alexander Siberia has worked with the Queen to create a joint military to protect the country, enforce empire status, invade and garrison enemy nations. Alexander has set multiple programs to accomplish these goals. This is the military now. (A recent raid has impaired the Northern Military, and is being rebuilt)

Wehrmacht Program
36,000 Infanterie units
1,500 Panzer units

Lutwaffe Program
396 Ebene Units
0 Raketen Units

Kreigsmarine Program
45 Schlachtschiff Units

Stiletto Program
??? Spion Units

Wunderwaffe Program
0 Atomarspregnkopf Units
Nuclear Weapons:0
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