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East Alaska

Republic of East Alaska is a nation led by President Sylar on the continent of North America. Republic of East Alaska's government is a Democracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Republic of East Alaska favors moderate policies. The official currency of Republic of East Alaska is the Pound Sterling. At 1,690 days old, Republic of East Alaska is an ancient nation. Republic of East Alaska has a population of 5,903,202 and a land area of 63,350.80 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 93.18. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is plentiful with an approval rating of 90.3140%.

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1)12/16/2020 06:55 am Cataclysm BankEast AlaskaCyrodiil$270,000,
2)12/16/2020 06:48 am Church Of Atom BankEast AlaskaNew Jefferson$161,774.001,421.00340.00143.00144.000.00172.00180.00323.00300.0096.0075.00
3)12/15/2020 12:10 am Terminus Est BankEast AlaskaLos Pollos Hermanos$834.
4)12/06/2020 01:50 am Seven Kingdoms BankEast AlaskaChicago Bulls$392,442.00315.000.000.0011.
5)11/27/2020 02:41 am Black Knights BankEast AlaskaCheesetopia$203,397.0067.
6)11/26/2020 09:16 am The Syndicate BankEast AlaskaMechanicus$52,973.00119.000.000.0012.
7)11/25/2020 04:25 am BankEast AlaskaDeep Space$
8)11/24/2020 09:05 pm BankEast AlaskaBamika$701,
9)11/24/2020 10:39 am The Knights Radiant BankEast AlaskaIraq$95,056.0049.
10)11/21/2020 01:23 pm Cataclysm BankEast AlaskaHardball$5,000,,000.005,000.005,000.005,000.00
11)11/20/2020 04:09 am Black Knights BankEast AlaskaThe Holy Britannian Empire$850,240.0023.0025.001.0033.0015.0055.0093.00116.00120.0072.009.00
12)11/20/2020 04:05 am Strickland Propane BankEast Alaska$213,699.00466.
13)11/17/2020 02:07 am Order of the White Rose BankEast AlaskaCeura$17,740.
14)11/16/2020 12:57 pm House Stark BankEast AlaskaRaspin$9,525.
15)11/15/2020 05:21 pm Cataclysm BankEast AlaskaDesura$10,000,000.0050,,000.008,000.0010,000.005,000.00

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