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The Kingdom of Leonophir is a nation led by Emperor Leoned the Great on the continent of Asia. The Kingdom of Leonophir's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, The Kingdom of Leonophir favors moderate policies. The official currency of The Kingdom of Leonophir is the Gold Coin. At 222 days old, The Kingdom of Leonophir is an old nation. The Kingdom of Leonophir has a population of 319,108 and a land area of 5,700.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 55.98. Pollution in the nation is everywhere. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Leoned the Great



Leonophir Official Flag





We offer safekeeping resources accounts. 

•To Deposit: We purchase any resources through personal offer at below 40%(percent) of the market price.
•To Withdraw: We sell your resources through a personal offer to your nation above 20% (percent) based on the value of the deposited resources amount on the day you deposit the resources.
•Terms of Safekeeping: Only 1 month is allowed to safely keep your resources to us, If unable to claim your safekeep within 1 month, ATG has a right to absorb the resources.

Direct Message now if you want to keep your resources with us safely!




We Offer Safekeeping accounts for small nations in Politics and War. 

•Safekeeping your money in Sea Bank is not guaranteed to earn interest. 
•Deposit and Withdrawal shall be made only in a direct message on Leonophir Nation on the Politics and War website. 
•Deposit and Withdrawal will take 48 hours to be processed. 

Direct Message now if you want to keep your money with us safely!

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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)05/25/2024 10:18 pm LeonophirPeoples Republic of HydraciaLeonophir$102,706.000.000.00509.000.0012.007.002.0044.0010.002.002.00
2)05/06/2024 05:39 pm LeonophirASEANLeonophir$36,
3)05/06/2024 04:42 pm LeonophirThe Empire of ShangLeonophir$42,
4)05/06/2024 07:47 am LeonophirSupremeRomeLeonophir$42,
5)04/28/2024 04:55 am LeonophirNiaofchtencu TerritoriesLeonophir$615,773.000.000.00250.000.0015.009.002.0055.0012.002.003.00
6)04/28/2024 02:02 am LeonophirErebensLeonophir$1,018,662.000.001.00407.000.0024.0014.003.0089.0020.004.005.00
7)04/27/2024 10:55 pm LeonophirMasriLeonophir$810,
8)04/21/2024 06:35 am LeonophirenchantedLeonophir$1,320,897.000.001.00414.000.0031.0019.004.00115.0025.005.006.00
9)04/20/2024 04:30 pm LeonophirNew AvalonLeonophir$1,527,988.000.001.00472.000.0036.0021.005.00134.0030.006.007.00
10)04/19/2024 10:27 pm LeonophirGravityLeonophir$1,854,
11)04/13/2024 08:36 pm LeonophirBlueOrchid EmpireLeonophir$2,257,975.000.001.00518.000.0049.0029.007.00182.0040.008.0010.00
12)04/12/2024 02:02 am LeonophirLunaLeonophir$2,449,463.000.001.00571.000.0057.0034.008.00211.0047.0010.0012.00
13)04/11/2024 09:57 pm LeonophirLothlorienLeonophir$3,035,
14)04/06/2024 05:51 pm LeonophirLeonophir$4,728,322.000.002.00655.000.0077.0046.0011.00285.0068.0013.0016.00
15)02/28/2024 09:40 pm LeonophirNIGERIAALeonophir$1,255,770.000.002.0015.0013.00100.0060.0014.00133.00106.0017.0020.00

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