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The Communist Dictatorship of Indo-Froschtia is a nation led by Grand Poo-Bah Saxplayer on the continent of South America. The Communist Dictatorship of Indo-Froschtia's government is a Communist Dictatorship with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Communist Dictatorship of Indo-Froschtia favors moderate policies. The official currency of The Communist Dictatorship of Indo-Froschtia is the Dollar. At 1,784 days old, The Communist Dictatorship of Indo-Froschtia is an ancient nation. The Communist Dictatorship of Indo-Froschtia has a population of 5,065,840 and a land area of 104,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 48.71. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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1)06/22/2019 11:48 am The United States of America BankIndo-FroschtiaStates of America$3,528,090.002,525.00144.0014.0064.004.00152.001.00196.00228.00300.00317.00
2)06/20/2019 01:05 pm Acadia BankIndo-FroschtiaCherek$717,280.0011.003.002.0047.
3)06/16/2019 08:52 pm Indo-FroschtiaThe Golden Horde BankIndo-Froschtia$110,000,
4)06/04/2019 01:26 am Church of Spaceology BankIndo-FroschtiaJagulandia$637,049.00246.007.0056.
5)05/31/2019 12:29 pm Valinor BankIndo-FroschtiaCaldo$170,027.00139.0039.0035.0053.006.0018.0016.00114.00118.00125.0086.00
6)05/30/2019 07:14 pm Church of Spaceology BankIndo-FroschtiaW Land$19,932.00174.
7)05/30/2019 02:11 am The Knights Radiant BankIndo-FroschtiaMagnificent Khaganate$65,304.0044.
8)05/27/2019 02:01 am BankIndo-FroschtiaOuter Heaven$10,000,
9)05/25/2019 11:53 pm The Golden Hoard BankIndo-FroschtiaKuromorimine$10,000,
10)05/24/2019 05:41 pm The Golden Horde BankIndo-FroschtiaArticune$,500.
11)05/19/2019 04:53 pm The Golden Horde BankIndo-FroschtiaArticune$0.0060,
12)05/13/2019 09:55 pm The Golden Hoard BankIndo-FroschtiaKuromorimine$3,250,
13)05/13/2019 09:45 pm The Golden Hoard BankIndo-FroschtiaKuromorimine$5,000,
14)05/08/2019 12:44 am The Golden Horde BankIndo-FroschtiaArticune$,
15)04/27/2019 03:20 pm The Golden Hoard BankIndo-FroschtiaKuromorimine$3,000,

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