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The Empire of The Corsican Nation is a nation led by President Marko Marulic on the continent of Europe. The Empire of The Corsican Nation's government is a Dictatorship with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Empire of The Corsican Nation favors left wing policies. The official currency of The Empire of The Corsican Nation is the Euro. At 584 days old, The Empire of The Corsican Nation is an ancient nation. The Empire of The Corsican Nation has a population of 96,079 and a land area of 8,750.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 10.98. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Official Corsican anthem

"Peace of the Dead"

As it implies "Pax Corsica" (Corsican Peace, the goal Corsica itself strives for which includes mediterranean irredentism and once all claims are achieved final peace and the end of Corsica's suffering, aswell as the beginning of its new world order. Think Germany if it won ww2.) or true peace, is only achieved by the dead.


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After the collapse of Croatia, its government escaped to Corsica. Hundreds of ships carried millions to safety. The collapse of the Croatian State much of the population was bitter and demanding of a reconquest. That reconquest would only come in the form of a couple of troops in Croatia and a massive AI overseeing all foreign claims and dismissing them. After the death of their leader,  the island fell into anarchy. Eventually, under a powerful oligarchy the island reunited. Numerous purges, revolutions and civil wars later... The government was forced to reform into a mild dictatorship to prevent any more disasters. Under the undisputed leadership of "Marko Marulić" the island desperately attempts to avoid collapse, again. The goals of the Corscians remain unchanged, control the meditarranean. While homeland may have collapsed and is now a nuclear wasteland, a new home for the Croats is in order.

Just a few years ago an invasion of Sardinia befell Italy, which had already collapsed into numerous warring states (like much of the world) and the few countries standing in the way were annihilated. Army group West was stopped short of Alghero, army group Center was halted in the Sardinian mountains, hampered by partisans, and army group East was stopped a few kilometers away from Olbia.

All army groups failed to reach their goals, and that is where the beginning of this era in Croatian history starts, shortly after annexing the occupied Sardinian lands. The president must carefully execute his plans, and choose between stabilizing further and looking else for land, or continuing to excavate deeper into Sardinia.

Whether the president chooses to continue The Great Sardinian War (also called The Reclamation War)  or to abandon Sardinia and look towards the coasts of the many collapsed European Nations, there will be much work to do. Apart from the failing Corsican economy, the industry is thriving from the influx of workers. The shortage of resources has been resolved after trade between Novaya Rimskaya Imperiya resumed, and in a desperate attempt to save their economy the industry was overdrived. However, not without fault. Many high ranking Corsican officials are demanding the president quits his industrial revolution, as it wont bring any profit and will only make the economy worse.

As of today, Sardinia has fallen and the Corsican Nation has somewhat awakened.

Map of Corsica:






Corsican Services have deemed this information too confidental for public release. 




Case Black

A unified Sardinian government formed in an attempt to stop Corsica, and they were successfull. Pushing Corsica back to the coastline, before suffering heavy casualties and in a desperate Corsican offensive being pushed back through the mountains. Now, the heavy Corsican losses have stalled any offensive operations and the war has devolved to a war of attrition. The Sardinian government is currently weak, and internal power struggles after the failed offensive have left its military in shambles, but still able to put up a good fight.

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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)05/26/2024 07:32 pm Corsican NationArvantisCorsican Nation$96,
2)05/19/2024 02:33 pm Corsican NationGOVERNATCorsican Nation$151,898.
3)05/18/2024 01:33 am Corsican NationUnited USSR StatesCorsican Nation$97,385.
4)05/11/2024 09:38 am Corsican NationNew NigeriaCorsican Nation$128,897.
5)05/11/2024 03:09 am Corsican NationSardegnaCorsican Nation$146,583.
6)05/09/2024 07:08 pm Corsican NationChopsticksCorsican Nation$97,
7)05/04/2024 01:38 am Corsican NationBig dayCorsican Nation$141,883.
8)05/03/2024 05:20 pm Corsican NationImperium Romanum victorisCorsican Nation$72,
9)04/25/2024 01:18 am Corsican NationPrincipality of VoteriaCorsican Nation$71,507.
10)04/24/2024 10:53 pm Corsican NationCity GloriaCorsican Nation$96,
11)04/24/2024 06:20 pm Corsican NationAlta Republica BrasileiraCorsican Nation$96,
12)04/20/2024 05:47 am Corsican NationShadow GardenCorsican Nation$72,
13)04/10/2024 02:19 pm Corsican NationBrutussiaCorsican Nation$82,
14)04/10/2024 11:48 am Corsican NationIraqi CaliphCorsican Nation$104,574.
15)04/04/2024 03:53 pm Corsican NationThe AlbionCorsican Nation$187,482.

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