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The Revofascist Primarchate of Irsuulis is a nation led by Primarch Victericus Simard on the continent of Antarctica. The Revofascist Primarchate of Irsuulis's government is a Dictatorship with very anarchist social policies. Economically, The Revofascist Primarchate of Irsuulis favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Revofascist Primarchate of Irsuulis is the Hippopyron. At 693 days old, The Revofascist Primarchate of Irsuulis is an ancient nation. The Revofascist Primarchate of Irsuulis has a population of 7,031,992 and a land area of 57,750.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 121.77. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Did she notice?

Irsuulian Code of Conduct 


Irsuulis follows these rules of war


  1. Peace Treaties it signs are sacrosanct and ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠will be honoured. 
  2. The Alliance it serves overrides rule number 1. It intends to serve loyally. 
  3. If Irsuulis offers peace in its reason for war, it will accept peace regardless of profitability. 
  4. Irsuulis can always be negotiated with and will always remain open to it unless the enemy does not reciprocate.
  5.  It can only raid people tagged with grey inactive bloc or people who have been offline for more than... 5 days. (Recent amendment)
  6. If you see "Warplan Visigoth, Sorry"/"Warplan Visigoth" It means all rules have been overidden and this policy is simply inactive. (03/11/2023) Anything before that date is not subject to this rule. This rule is a complete reset to baseless barbarism as it is usually activated when Irsuulis is fully defensive slotted and the enemy gives no peace. Then it will plunder, destroy and undermine the entire counter.

    Sadly, unrelated parties are caught up in Warplan Visigoth. This is sadly what must be done for the survival of the state.


Irsuulian Policies

Cannabis: Recreational use at 18 is legal. Much like alcohol, it is a drug of social relaxation.

Mandatory Service: Upon reaching adulthood, an adult must serve for a 2 years. 1 year if they are in high school (6th form)  or university and service will start after the course. Foreigners can join a foreign Legion and serve for 5 years for citizenship. Military competence defines an Irsuulian. Whatever your race, faith, culture, biological gender, gender identity, political beliefs or even species, in the military, we are all brothers, sisters and comrades. 

Capital Punishment and Penal Rehabilitation: Irsuulis is against the death penalty, however it will make them do forced labour or military service depending on the crime. Manslaughter or worse is punishable by hard labour. Less severe crimes are punished by jailing or conscription. The least severe often are fined or jailed. However they can opt for service as well. Foreigners are given the choice to be conscripted if they have not committed murder or manslaughter or to be deported or serve their sentence in prison. If any criminal serves in the military, their record will be wiped by the time of completion and they can return to society with a clean record. 

Secondary Education: It is free for anyone, foreigners must sign a temporary work contract but will be accepted and offered citizenship but must renounce their original citizenship. All must be given the means to live a good life and assist the greater collective. 



The country has gone through 2 changes in government.

The first was the overthrowing of the Monarcho-Communist government, led by Emperor Friedrich Gargonius. Formerly known as the Proletarian Empire of Irsuulis. Ironically by the time of its end, its economy became corporatist than state-planned. However it still was dedicated to the ideals of socialism and marxism.

This was later replaced with the Federal (Banana) Republic of Irsuulis, led by the former Emperor, now President Friedrich Gargonius. This was a dictatorship in all but name, as Friedrich was installed by Alliance forces against the will of the people. A monarchy with a capitalist face.

Later, the second was when the capital was nuked, and thus destroying the centre-government as well erasing Friedrich from the face of the Earth. This led to utter chaos and eventually the rebels that were put down in the attempted overthrow of Emperor Friedrich Gargonius, took over. There were numerous factions, some were Humanist Fascists, Technocrats, Militarists (WIth Spartan ideals) and Social-Corporatists/Social-Democrats. Fortunately, a Social-Corporatist faction took over, forming a Republic with a genuine intention to attempt democracy even if it has to deal with a majority extremist population...

The leader, Victericus Simard, has given his own variant of Social-Corporatism a name, Revocorpism. In full, it is Revolutionary Corporatism. It condemns discrimination by species and believes the galaxy needs to be liberated. It holds multiculturalism as an essential tenant as it is what founded the nation and like the strongest species, will keep the nation strong and purified of weakness.

It claims to be the real Far Right of Irsuulis by claiming its leftist culturalist values fall in line better with Irsuulian cultural values of cultural intermixing as a means to evolve and develop the culture than the Humanist Fascists. It claims the Humanist Fascists to be traitors to Irsuulian culture.  In the process, attempting to sideline the Fascists and assume their place. 

These confusing moves by Victericus have been met with mixed reactions, but ultimately the regime is left wing, yet staying away from becoming Socialist. It is extreme left by the standards of other nations, but this is due to the survivalist and very inter-dependent nature of the country.

However, Victericus' rhetoric has resulted in the Far Right falling back into the cultural cohort and becoming fanatics for Social-Democracy. Making Social-Democracy the ultimate form of Irsuulian government and the only true one. One based in tradition, to protect the greater tribe and ensure long term power of the tribe. "By embracing the other, we become stronger than the enemies of tomorrow, by assisting the less fortunate of today will the strong of tomorrow defend us to the death."

However, with the word "President" being tainted with the Gargonian legacy, the title of Primarch was created. The best possible ruler, chosen by the people. 

So far the Primarch Victericus Simard has limited powers, similar to a constitituonal monarch, but has yet to use any and allows an elected parliament to run most affairs. He has actively incorporated the Militarists and Technocrats while completely sidelining the Fascist faction or white factions (Gargonius supporters). 

Outwardly, Irsuulis has adopted a very mixed message. It actively condemns most democracies that refuse to adopt Social-Corporatism or Social-Democracy, condemns most Fascist states due to their specism (hatred of other species) and most Communist regimes that fail to improve the lives of the Proletariat. It holds its Social-Corporatist values as a middle ground by which to bring in the final revolution.

It embraces the concept of a "broad" revolution. Which supports all regimes that broadly fall into its greater vision for the future. Improved conditions for the working class, greater opportunities to enrich the self, true equality of opportunity, improved representation of sectors and greater political input of society as a whole. (Equality of Opportunity meaning the poor can access and take part in education, unhindered by economic background completely. Nothing will stop that child from achieving their dreams. University being free for example and full funding to students to live and study on campus. No loans.)

It despises regimes that embrace laissez faire capitalism, anti-unionism, state-planned economies, demagoguery, racism, sexism, abuse of power, class blindness and hypocrisy. 


As of recent, the social-democratic regime has somehow combined with the fascists, forming an odd hybrid, only being able to be termed as Revocorpist-Primarchism. It is so far off compass it has been labelled as simultaneously centrist, far left and far right. 

This new regime is deeply bitter about past wars and will actively put its interests above others. It has no care for other countries until trust has been rebuilt.

And of course, in an very Irsuulian nature, this resulted in the social-policy going from Libertarian to Anarchist.

Reject modernist conservatism, embrace traditionalist progressivism.


"Our revolution is endless, our nation is an idea and will never be destroyed even when every piece of land is taken and every building destroyed. The Human race and other races feel the revolution in their heart and inevitably the revolution will prevail over the reactionaries who only seek to destroy us all. The galaxy will be liberated. The workers, the nobles, the merchants, the scientists, the engineers, the doctors, the peasants, the soldiers and the people at large will finally know TRUE FREEDOM!"

Basic Information
Nation Name: Irsuulis
Leader Name: Victericus Simard
Nation ID: 457490
Founded: 07/03/2022 (693 Days Old)
Last Activity: Active 64 hours ago
Discord Username:ankelaos
Unique ID: d2e6367d734f2331ba3609d8a
International Relations
Alliance: The Golden Horde Alliance Flag
Alliance Seniority:185 days
Color Trade Bloc: WAP's Yellow Fluid
Commendations: 56
Denouncements: 6
Nation Page Visits: 9,481
Population: 7,031,992
Infrastructure: 54,185.10
Land Area: 57,750 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 121.77 people/sq. mi
GDP: $9,215,484,900.00
GDP per Capita: $1,310.51
GNI: $5,859,332,590.00
Economic Policies: Extreme Left
Currency: Currency Image Hippopyron
Government Type: Dictatorship Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Urbanization Urbanization Icon
Social Policies: Anarchist
State Religion: Irsuulian Mandalorianism Irsuulian Mandalorianism
National Animal: National Animal ImageSea Lion
Approval Rating: 0% (-97.39)
Pollution Index: 1,896 points
Radiation Index: 33.57 R (Global: 1,154.67 R)
OBL Team: The Sea Lions
Nation Score: More Information 4,902.82
War Policy: Help Turtle Turtle Icon
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed: 169,583.62
Infrastructure Lost: 138,776.00
Money Looted: $1,238,675,648.06
Wars Won: 318
Wars Lost: 75

There are no posted bounties on this nation.

24 Cities [M]
Nation Activity
05/16 02:45 pm - Irsuulis declared war on United Socialist Formation for the reason of "Hasta la vista, baby!".
05/11 08:37 pm - Victericus Simard built a new project: Clinical Research Center
05/11 03:19 pm - Irsuulis declared war on United Socialist Formation for the reason of "Counter".
05/09 06:08 am - Irsuulis founded a new city, Kalvost.
05/06 08:23 pm - Irsuulis placed an embargo on the alliance Cult of Canyon.
05/06 08:22 pm - Irsuulis ended the embargo placed on Wet Bandits.
05/06 08:21 pm - Irsuulis placed an embargo on Old Brittannic.
05/05 12:39 am - Irsuulis had war declared by Intermarium for the reason of "skibidi gyatt sigma ohio rizz god edging master level 99 gyatt".
05/03 03:14 pm - Irsuulis declared war on Old Brittannic for the reason of "Counter".
05/01 08:07 pm - Irsuulis declared war on Sidonia for the reason of "Say hello to my little friend!".
04/29 01:43 pm - Irsuulis declared war on Rasdia for the reason of "*Pirate noises intensifies*".
04/28 11:28 pm - Victericus Simard built a new project: Iron Dome
04/28 11:06 pm - Irsuulis founded a new city, Cheresost.
04/27 08:52 pm - Irsuulis declared war on Old Brittannic for the reason of "All your base are belong to us".
04/27 02:45 pm - Buorhann changed the alliance position of Victericus Simard from Warriors to Warrior.
04/25 07:34 pm - Irsuulis has publicly commended the nation of Shinjuku led by Inukami.
04/25 05:40 pm - Inukami of Shinjuku has publicly commended the nation of Irsuulis.
04/25 05:01 am - Irsuulis had war declared by LIGMA for the reason of "Blame kastor".
04/22 03:42 am - Irsuulis had war declared by Intermarium for the reason of "no hard feelings, okay?".
04/22 01:02 am - Irsuulis had war declared by Sidonia for the reason of "Hermès link, ice-blue mink".
04/21 01:53 pm - Irsuulis had war declared by The Overthere for the reason of "finale II".
04/21 10:52 am - Irsuulis has publicly commended the nation of Nederland empiri led by Nederland em.
04/21 10:51 am - Irsuulis has publicly commended the nation of Oaklandia led by Ronin.
04/21 10:47 am - Ronin of Oaklandia has publicly commended the nation of Irsuulis.
04/20 09:49 am - Irsuulis has publicly commended the nation of BreadMofu led by Oryza sativa.
04/20 01:39 am - Oryza sativa of BreadMofu has publicly commended the nation of Irsuulis.
04/19 08:30 pm - Irsuulis has publicly denounced the nation of Abelsium led by Abel.
04/18 01:22 am - Irsuulis has publicly commended the nation of Ayubas Dynasty led by Mohamed Sof-Ayubas.
04/18 01:22 am - Irsuulis has publicly commended the nation of The Dutch Republic led by William of Orange.
04/18 12:22 am - Irsuulis has publicly commended the nation of Mountania led by Alex.
Nation Score Over Time
Score Component Breakdown
Nation Militarization Over Time
13 National Projects
Advanced Urban Planning
Advanced Urban Planning is a national project that reduces the cost of new cities by $100,000,000.
Arable Land Agency
Arable Land Agency is a national project that reduces the cost of land by 5%.
Center for Civil Engineering
Center for Civil Engineering is a national project that increases knowledge about infrastructure. Infrastructure costs drop 5% in all cities.
Clinical Research Center
Clinical Research Center is a national project that allows you to build an additional Hospital in each city.
Emergency Gasoline Reserve
Emergency Gasoline Reserve is a national project that boosts Oil Refineries' production by 100% nationwide.
Intelligence Agency
Intelligence Agency is a national project that allows you to do two espionage operations per day instead of one and train up to 60 spies.
International Trade Center
International Trade Center is a national project that allows your maximum commerce rate in cities to reach 115%.
Iron Dome
Iron Dome is a national project that gives you a 30% chance of shooting down enemy missiles and prevents 1 improvement from being destroyed by enemy missiles.
Metropolitan Planning
Metropolitan Planning is a national project that reduces the cost of new cities by $150,000,000.
Missile Launch Pad
Missile Launch Pad is a national project that allows you to build Missiles.
Propaganda Bureau
Propaganda Bureau is a national project that increases your military unit recruitment rate.
Uranium Enrichment Program
Uranium Enrichment Program is a national project that doubles Uranium production in your nation.
Urban Planning
Urban Planning is a national project that reduces the cost of new cities by $50,000,000.