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The glorious nation of Zullimanistan is a nation led by General supreme Quasimoto Qasim khan on the continent of Asia. The glorious nation of Zullimanistan's government is a Stratocracy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, The glorious nation of Zullimanistan favors far right wing policies. The official currency of The glorious nation of Zullimanistan is the Ruble. At 122 days old, The glorious nation of Zullimanistan is a mature nation. The glorious nation of Zullimanistan has a population of 2,801,748 and a land area of 22,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 127.35. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Morden day Zullimanistan is seen as a corrupt militant bureaucracy. In the past however, it was considered a hub for trading, an empire not fount upon military but fount upon trade and farming and ages of great discovery.

The lands, that are now known as Zullimanistan/Zullimenistan were inhabited by tribes and kingdoms. Unification started in 564 as the biggest tribe, Known as the Züllez started to unify the east. After reaching the West, Sidar Damüs, who lead the 2nd biggest tribe, the Mänez began to unify the west to not be under control of east.

This lead to the war of Züllez and Mänez. The war ended with a agreement of unification between both and peace was formed.

In 976, both groups converted to Sunni islam. Mänez favoured Shafi islam.

In 1021, the Bayal khanate started by Admil khan. It stretched from Pakistan to Siberia, spreading Islam. This also caused many scholars, such as Hannus Makavison who made early renditions on flying and labelled the father of experiments.
This was peak of the lands of Zullimanistan as it made the Empire rich and caused many great innovations in farming.

In 1234, the dynasty ended and a split between Samir Khan, Ali Khan and Jing-yang khan. Unification started in 
1256, yet Jing-yang khan never joined it.

Mongolians attacked in 1278, later given to the Ilk khanate.

In 1332, the dark as it was known started. This was where no major findings in science, maths religion or the kind. This ended in 1699 after the Sultanate started. Sadly this caused major civil war, staring the first break-up of the lands.

In 1789, Shah Mehmet Luqman of the Zelou shahdom unified the tribes once again starting the Shahdom Of Luqman.

This ended in 1902, where the first republic of Mönez started. The more pro-shah, far-right east had, historically more power than the liberal, pro-democracy west who wanted a republic. Shah Zubair luqman II, with heavy caution gave the 'Zin-jung' region of the land autonomy, and the first president of the republic of Mönez started.

In 1910, the land was annexed by a much larger piece of land, this was until 1924, when their empire crumbled. The first general election saw the rise of President Voznix ouzo. He was the firs puppet who would give power to spies of the motherland who slowly gave away land, such as the Zez agreements where thousands of miles of farm land was given to the motherland.

In 1953, when General Mohamed staged a coup after a leak, by an infamous hacker group known as 0-block who proved there was some kind of vote changing. The 1st republic of Mönez

In 1956, 2nd General Khan would break out of prison and stage a counter-coup after proclaiming General Mohamed was working with the imperial motherland.

In 1967, the war of the creek happened where the east wanted to set up the 2nd republic of Mönez. This worked for 4 days.




Soberius/Tatarus- In the north, Soberius is the biggest and most populated region. The capital, Erven is also located here and the region is known for Mount Iesus, which towers over the city of Erven. The region was named after Khan Siber, but is also commonly called Tatarus.

Elmus- Located in the West, Elmus is mostly just dessert, with little to no cities and most of it being government owned oil fields. Mostly forgotten and thought of a extended Usmet. Was used as a battle field several times in history.

Usmet- In the East and South East, is the second biggest Region, with It having Jummer, which was a hub for trading in the Empire of Bayal .Fur trading is still common. 

Zaloraz- Located in the East, Zaloraz was the where General Qasim khan was born. This is also where the Shass, Khans, Emperors and Sultans would live. Biggest city was Jönavík.


50 wars won- wed, 21st September  2022 (May 17, 2080)



Basic Information
Nation Name: Zullimanistan VIP
Leader Name: Quasimoto Qasim khan
Nation ID: 445039
Founded: 07/31/2022 (122 Days Old)
Last Activity: Active 5 hours ago
Discord Username:Q_#1495
Unique ID: c1993487009b103e97547626a
International Relations
Alliance: Weebunism Alliance Flag
Alliance Seniority:24 days
Color Trade Bloc: Cino’s Cat is Brown
Commendations: 6
Denouncements: 1
Nation Page Visits: 1,780
Recent Visitors: VIP Only 2 nations from 2 alliances in past 24 hours
Population: 2,801,748
Infrastructure: 22,000.00
Land Area: 22,000 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 127.35 people/sq. mi
GDP: $2,798,420,319.00
GDP per Capita: $998.81
GNI: $1,721,890,785.00
Economic Policies: Far Right
Currency: Currency Image Ruble
Government Type: Stratocracy Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Technological Advancement Technological Advancement Icon
Social Policies: Authoritarian
State Religion: Sunni islam (Hanafi) Sunni islam (Hanafi)
National Animal: National Animal ImageBald eagle
Approval Rating: 100% (212.29)
Pollution Index: 0 points
Radiation Index: 466.29 R (Global: 584.76 R)
OBL Team: eagles
Nation Rank: #2,780 of 31,876 Nations (8.72%)
Nation Score: More Information 1,987.88
War Policy: Help Pirate Pirate Icon
Spies: Unknown
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed: 6,021.07
Infrastructure Lost: 0.00
Money Looted: $201,417,150.63
Wars Won: 65
Wars Lost: 0

There are no posted bounties on this nation.

11 Cities [M]
Nation Activity
11/27 05:59 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of Luna led by Nyx.
11/27 05:58 pm - Nyx of Luna has publicly commended the nation of Zullimanistan.
11/26 10:41 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of Torontio led by Tointlu II.
11/26 10:35 pm - Tointlu II of Torontio has publicly commended the nation of Zullimanistan.
11/25 07:17 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of Guoryou led by Ghang Khuen.
11/24 12:14 am - Sphinx of Tsardom of Slavia has publicly commended the nation of Zullimanistan.
11/23 04:26 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of Tsardom of Slavia led by Sphinx.
11/22 03:55 pm - Quasimoto Qasim khan built a new project: Government Support Agency
11/22 03:54 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of Yimin led by Kaurv.
11/19 11:32 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of Bandit led by Hobbs.
11/17 04:31 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of Pat-Rickistan led by Pat-Rick.
11/07 03:50 pm - founded a new city, Yedan Sahzan.
11/07 03:34 pm - Luna Moonfang approved Zullimanistan's alliance application and set their alliance permissions to the default member position.
11/07 03:34 pm - Zullimanistan changed their Color Trade Bloc from Aqua to Brown.
11/07 03:34 pm - Zullimanistan applied to join the alliance Weebunism.
11/07 03:33 pm - Zullimanistan left the alliance Otaku Shougaku.
11/07 03:24 pm - Quasimoto Qasim khan built a new project: Intelligence Agency
11/01 10:59 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of Islamic turkish empire led by Ugur_Han.
11/01 08:47 pm - Ugur_Han of Islamic turkish empire has publicly commended the nation of Zullimanistan.
10/15 08:11 pm - Zullimanistan has publicly commended the nation of vermont led by julis the 5th.
10/08 03:28 pm - Zullimanistan declared war on Timpanoga for the reason of "Me too, thanks".
10/08 02:54 pm - Quasimoto Qasim khan built a new project: Resource Production Center
10/08 12:24 pm - Zullimanistan changed location from Europe to Asia.
10/07 06:40 pm - founded a new city, Rellas.
10/07 06:39 pm - founded a new city, Jibril and Mikial.
10/07 06:39 pm - founded a new city, Romüs-el-a-khanrun.
10/07 06:39 pm - founded a new city, Asmanistan.
10/07 06:38 pm - founded a new city, Yellus 2.
10/07 06:38 pm - founded a new city, Qasiabad.
10/07 06:37 pm - founded a new city, Jellhüskiey.
Creation of the NBZ

September, 7th 1956

General Quasimoto Qasim khan won the Zulli civil war

September, 6th 1956

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4 National Projects
Government Support Agency
Government Support Agency adds a +50% effect modifier to the nation's selected Domestic Policy.
Intelligence Agency
Intelligence Agency is a national project that allows you to do two espionage operations per day instead of one and train up to 60 spies.
Propaganda Bureau
Propaganda Bureau is a national project that increases your military unit recruitment rate.
Resource Production Center
Resource Production Center generates some raw resources each turn depending on the number of cities the nation has.