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San Magnolia

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Republic Of San Magnolia is a nation led by Lord Nona on the continent of Europe. Republic Of San Magnolia's government is a Federal Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, Republic Of San Magnolia favors left wing policies. The official currency of Republic Of San Magnolia is the Dollar. At 207 days old, Republic Of San Magnolia is an old nation. Republic Of San Magnolia has a population of 961,136 and a land area of 19,200.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 50.06. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.











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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: San Magnolia
Leader Name: Nona
Currency: Currency Image
National Animal: National Animal Image
History: Due to multiple nuclear fallouts upon the Nation of Yairy.
The survivors fled the nation and founded the nation of San Magnolia.
Every civilian picked Nona to be the head of the Federal Republic.
Warning: Nona always fires the trump cards when feeling like time is being wasted any war.
Backstabbed on multiple occasions.
Founding day: July 14, 2022
Enlisted: The Knights Of The Round Table upon its founding.

Nona became Foreign Minister on July 28, 2022, of TKOTRT.
Aug 4, 2022, Nona is planning a new bill that approves the use of nuclear forces on poachers for 25-40m.


Worthless Revenge

Continent: Europe
Land Area: 30,899.33 sq. km
Highest Peak: MT.Betrayal , 20,000 meters
Lowest Valley: 3k, 3 meters
Climate: The extreme cold can kill any unprepared invader.
People & Society
Population: 961,136 people
Demonym Plural:
Ethnic Groups: Magnolian - 60.0%
Russian - 40.0%
Chi Ming - 0.1%
Languages: Magnolia - 80.0%
Russian - 20.0%
Chi Ming - 40.0%
Religions: Tempest Cult - 60.0%
Pravda Cult - 30.0%
Vtuber Cult - 10.0%
Life Expectancy: 150 years
Obesity: 20%
Alcohol Users: 10%
Tobacco Users: 20%
Cannabis Users: 1%
Hard Drug Users: 5%
Description: The official currency is the Kikiorbit.
Average Yearly Income: $62.34
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $429,340,864.00
GDP per Capita: $446.70
Gross National Income (GNI): $39,446,645.00
Industries: San Magnolia prefers lead as a fixed way of gaining extra $ when not raiding.
History: The Armed Forces Of San Magnolia has founded the armed forces during July 14, 2079
Soldiers: 0
Tanks: 0
Aircraft: 0
Ships: 0
Missiles: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0
Last Updated: 10/15/2022 01:46 pm