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The Kingdom of United South is a nation led by King KJames on the continent of North America. The Kingdom of United South's government is a Monarchy with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Kingdom of United South favors right wing policies. The official currency of The Kingdom of United South is the Founder James Dollar. At 316 days old, The Kingdom of United South is an old nation. The Kingdom of United South has a population of 2,736,468 and a land area of 36,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 76.01. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Great O'l Dixie Land Delight 

Ruler: King James Thy III
Founder: KJames

I Am From The South Of The United States By The Way. Also i call this nation United South of Dixie(USD)
Allainces: Rose(Applicant), The Cult of Raccoon(Member), United Armies(Member), Order of the Phoenix(Member), Digital Dopamine(Member),  The Fighting Pacifists(Applicant), United Countries and Nations(Leader), United Armies (MA and FA Low ranked Officer), National Militaries United(High Gov member), Camelot Squires(Member), Camelot(Member)

United Armies(Old)
Economy Help: Kingdom of Pakistan(Freedi)
Military Hep: Germani(Wilhelm Hohenzollern)

Order of the Phoenix(Old)
Economy Help: United Kingdoms of Chaos(Lizzie)
Military  Help: Godrics Hollow(Albus Dumbledore)

Digital Dopamine
Economy Help: Whittenburg(Josep)
Military Help: True Lordran(Dungeon Nerdy)

United Countries and Nations
Economy Help: United South(James)
 Military Help: United South(James)

United Arms
Economy Help: New Olsztyn Order State(Fine)
Military Hep: United Republic Of Kazlandia(Rick)

National Militaries United
Economy Help:
Military Hep:

Camelot Squires
Economy Help: To many to list
Military Hep: To many to list

Economy Help: To many to list
Military Hep: To many to list


Friends: Communism v2(Rasputin The Big), rAz grup(Rainiel_Raze), Transnistria(Sergey Stepanov), Vietnam winning(Vietcong), Greater britain(Marc),  Zacharia(Zach I), Yourania(Builder Stewart), Nolandia (Jonathan Lisbon), Dabsion(Forethought)

"We Do Not Like Discrimination against anyone"  Quoted By King James.


War Anthem:

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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)02/04/2023 12:49 pm Autocephalous Patriarchate of the Free BankUnited SouthFreemen$0.003,427.40262.780.000.000.00262.780.
2)02/03/2023 09:05 am Autocephalous Patriarchate of the Free BankUnited SouthFreemen$0.0017,130.201,313.900.000.000.001,313.900.
3)01/28/2023 12:13 pm Autocephalous Patriarchate of the Free BankUnited SouthFreemen$0.003,423.24262.780.000.000.00262.780.
4)01/27/2023 08:15 am Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.0011,337.57863.420.000.000.00863.420.
5)01/23/2023 01:14 pm Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.003,158.08244.
6)01/22/2023 10:34 am Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.006,314.29488.
7)01/20/2023 07:53 am Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.0012,625.10976.
8)01/15/2023 11:07 pm Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.0020,353.451,575.,575.
9)01/08/2023 05:04 am Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.0020,155.531,575.,575.
10)01/01/2023 07:37 am Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.0015,605.0718.750.002.200.0018.750.
11)12/18/2022 02:40 am United SouthCamelot BankUnited South$2,000,000.006,760.000.00110.001,200.001,289.000.00310.008,400.008,400.007,200.007,200.00
12)12/18/2022 12:37 am Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.008,809.910.000.0086.400.
13)12/17/2022 11:07 pm Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$,524.944,499.642,699.251,495.33
14)12/11/2022 09:59 am Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$0.000.001,124.840.000.000.001,
15)12/05/2022 04:07 am Camelot BankUnited SouthPrometheus$2,223,360.000.00770.

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