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Empire of Heaven is a nation led by Supreme Leader Tikhon Kuznetsov on the continent of Africa. Empire of Heaven's government is a Dictatorship with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, Empire of Heaven favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of Empire of Heaven is the Drachma. At 325 days old, Empire of Heaven is an old nation. Empire of Heaven has a population of 1,552,951 and a land area of 40,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 38.82. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Canonically in Greece

The people living in the South of Greece felt as if they had been robbed by greater world powers, so they revolted and founded their own nation, the Empire of Heaven. It quickly fell into squabbles over plentiful natural resources, and powerful oligarchs eventually took over, establishing spheres in the nation. From their countryside mansions, the top 0.02% own 40% of the nation's wealth, controlling everything from food to the nation's profitable mining industry. The most powerful oligarch is a man of joint Russo-Greek heritage named Tikhon Kuznetsov. Eventually, due to terrorist attacks and the assassination of the president, Tikhon managed to obtain emergency powers, which he exploited to become a dictator for life. 


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Official images - 

War flag of the Empire -   


Imperial soldiers on a military parade in the streets of Athens - 


Imperial soldiers marching into Athens, ending the bloody civil war - 


Tikhon Kuznetsov posing for his official portrait before he got half of his face burned off by a terrorist attack - 


Naval battle off the coast of Athens - 



Random facts - 

National flower - Greek Peony

National bird - Dove

National anthem - Hymn to Liberty

National dish - Moussaka

National uniform - Morning suit, Top hat, and Silver cane

Richest man - Tikhon Kuznetsov

Largest city - Athens

Official government - Dictatorship

Official leader - Supreme Leader Tikhon Kuznetsov

Most popular job - Steel Mill Worker

National dessert - Baklava

National gemstone - Amethyst

Day of independence - January 15

Bloodiest battle - Battle of Athens

Newspapers - Imperial News

Population (Lore) - 12,124,030


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1)10/20/2022 02:06 am Arrgh BankEmpire of HeavenMarkovia$
2)10/19/2022 12:44 am Aurora BankEmpire of HeavenRazer$10,000,
3)10/10/2022 08:04 pm Empire of HeavenAurora BankEmpire of Heaven$80,000,
4)10/10/2022 07:19 pm Aurora BankEmpire of HeavenRazer$80,000,
5)08/31/2022 07:10 pm Empire of HeavenAurora BankEmpire of Heaven$282,341,843.
6)08/31/2022 07:01 pm Aurora BankEmpire of HeavenRazer$282,341,843.00100,
7)08/29/2022 08:06 pm Aurora BankEmpire of HeavenRazer$0.00100,
8)08/25/2022 04:27 pm Aurora BankEmpire of HeavenToxicPepper$247,000,
9)08/14/2022 07:19 pm Aurora BankEmpire of HeavenRazer$50,000,
10)08/05/2022 12:46 am Aurora BankEmpire of HeavenRazer$10,000,
11)08/04/2022 02:45 pm Aurora BankEmpire of HeavenToxicPepper$205,000,
12)08/01/2022 01:05 am Empire of HeavenSerpentis BankEmpire of Heaven$80,000,
13)07/15/2022 11:48 am Serpentis BankEmpire of HeavenThe conquered empire$164,000,
14)07/04/2022 04:30 pm Empire of HeavenSerpentis BankEmpire of Heaven$0.00300,
15)07/02/2022 10:34 pm Empire of HeavenSerpentis BankEmpire of Heaven$100,000,

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