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The Great Kingdom of Radial is a nation led by Queen Beldam on the continent of North America. The Great Kingdom of Radial's government is a Democratic Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Great Kingdom of Radial favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Great Kingdom of Radial is the Energon Cubes. At 341 days old, The Great Kingdom of Radial is an old nation. The Great Kingdom of Radial has a population of 2,501,513 and a land area of 25,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 100.06. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

In the woods of Radial live our great Queen Beldam within the Pink Palace.
The Beldams Dirty Henchmen carefully watch over interactions with people outside Radial to continue keeping peace.

The great Queen Beldam isn't a warmonger unless circumstances arise, however will nuke you if you cause unjustified war.


Founder/Leader of Equal Nations; Mar 17, 2022-June 19, 2022.
(Current) Foreign Affairs for The Coven; June 19, 2022-Present.


RIP Equal Nations


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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)01/11/2023 11:54 pm RadialThe Coven BankRadial$,000.004,000.00
2)12/16/2022 06:54 pm Annunaki Legion BankRadial$217,032.00161.
3)12/16/2022 06:52 pm Annunaki Legion BankRadialKaiser Home$646,910.00480.
4)10/13/2022 03:39 pm BankRadialNea Hellas$1,468,330.00762.0049.0011.0070.0012.0043.0021.0016.00205.00180.0078.00
5)10/13/2022 03:38 pm BankRadialWehlen$230,011.00119.007.001.0011.
6)10/13/2022 05:59 am BankRadialBlack knigth$114,041.0059.
7)09/27/2022 09:04 am The Coven BankRadialHouse of Julii$15,000,
8)09/27/2022 08:44 am The Coven BankRadialHouse of Julii$10,000,
9)09/23/2022 05:49 am RadialThe Coven BankRadial$15,000,
10)09/02/2022 04:29 am BankRadialDenmark-Germany$33,499.
11)07/26/2022 05:15 pm BankRadialTeran$
12)07/18/2022 05:03 pm BankRadialThe Great Maurya Empire$
13)07/05/2022 09:29 pm BankRadialLyonia$50,000,
14)07/03/2022 04:33 am RadialThe Coven BankRadial$10,000,
15)06/30/2022 07:37 pm RadialThe Coven BankRadial$10,000,

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