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Groosser Texas

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Die Galaktische Technokratie von Groosser Texas is a nation led by Kaiserine Emma Hohenzollern on the continent of North America. Die Galaktische Technokratie von Groosser Texas's government is a Anarchy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Die Galaktische Technokratie von Groosser Texas favors moderate policies. The official currency of Die Galaktische Technokratie von Groosser Texas is the Texas Mark. At 842 days old, Die Galaktische Technokratie von Groosser Texas is an ancient nation. Die Galaktische Technokratie von Groosser Texas has a population of 3,325,821 and a land area of 34,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 97.82. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

September 14, 2096

Interm flag for Groesser Texas is adopted consisting of 17 stars in a Betsy Ross configuration.


July 1, 2090

The nation of Groesser Texas is on books collapsed. Our leaders and citizenry have fled to allied states to await the Liberation of their homeland as well as the rebuilding process.


Es lebe der Großraum Texas!

¡Viva el Gran Texas!

Long Live Greater Texas!




Free Imperial Standard (For the Kaiser/Kaiserin only)


Free Civil Standard


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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)05/28/2024 06:17 pm Groosser TexasMIBHG CountryGroosser Texas$5,804,522.000.00812.000.00433.000.00671.
2)05/26/2024 02:32 pm Groosser TexasThe Sultanate of BarbarossaGroosser Texas$6,283,748.001,034.00874.000.00481.000.00679.,008.00
3)03/26/2024 07:16 pm Carthago BankGroosser TexasUcharia$,427.20
4)03/26/2024 07:16 pm Carthago BankGroosser TexasUcharia$,427.20
5)03/07/2024 07:57 pm BankGroosser TexasUcharia$,427.20
6)02/23/2024 09:22 pm Sail Loves Singularity BankGroosser TexasBorg$,427.
7)02/11/2024 05:30 am Groosser TexasImperium of Man BankGroosser Texas$2,000,,857.
8)12/19/2023 01:17 am BankGroosser TexasBorg$132,000,
9)11/06/2023 12:14 am Groosser TexasServiniaGroosser Texas$10,139.002,
10)08/03/2023 05:34 pm BankGroosser TexasBorg$68,713,777.
11)07/28/2023 10:19 pm Groosser TexasKingdom of the FranksGroosser Texas$26,833.00257.000.000.0035.
12)07/28/2023 08:20 pm Groosser TexasThe Eternal Empire of ZakuulGroosser Texas$15,852.00151.000.000.0020.
13)07/28/2023 02:04 pm Groosser TexasFederal States Of NovistGroosser Texas$46,200.00590.000.000.0078.
14)06/27/2023 07:17 pm Carthago BankGroosser TexasThe Danelaw$4,475.0015.
15)05/23/2023 03:51 am BankGroosser TexasBorg$0.00300,

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