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Banded Bullfrog

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Amphibian Banded Bullfrog is a nation led by King Amphibian Banded Bullfrog on the continent of Asia. Amphibian Banded Bullfrog's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Amphibian Banded Bullfrog favors left wing policies. The official currency of Amphibian Banded Bullfrog is the Bullfroggo. At 77 days old, Amphibian Banded Bullfrog is an established nation. Amphibian Banded Bullfrog has a population of 967,874 and a land area of 13,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 71.69. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

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1)01/10/2022 02:14 pm The Elites BankBanded BullfrogGreater Wessex$,000.001,000.001,000.001,000.00
2)01/08/2022 07:37 am Banded BullfrogThe Elites BankBanded Bullfrog$2,000,000.004,000.000.00150.00150.0030.00150.000.001,300.001,300.00200.00400.00
3)01/07/2022 04:48 am The Elites BankBanded BullfrogThe Bread Nation$19,724,
4)01/07/2022 04:05 am The Elites BankBanded BullfrogThe Bread Nation$26,294,
5)01/04/2022 02:17 pm Committee of Nations BankBanded BullfrogSyndicate Federation$0.0015.
6)12/30/2021 08:28 am BankBanded BullfrogDunder Mifflin$
7)12/27/2021 02:32 am The Flying Dandies BankBanded BullfrogHoetopia$2,180,377.004,639.00532.000.000.00469.00643.000.000.00108.00122.002.00
8)12/18/2021 02:01 pm Committee of Nations BankBanded BullfrogMichalogrod$
9)12/17/2021 10:37 pm The Elites BankBanded BullfrogMidnight Sky$,000.001,500.000.000.00
10)12/12/2021 09:15 am The Elites BankBanded BullfrogThe Bread Nation$0.006,510.000.000.00315.
11)12/08/2021 01:45 pm The Elites BankBanded BullfrogGallian Federation$
12)11/29/2021 05:33 am Banded BullfrogCommittee of Nations BankBanded Bullfrog$585.75900.000.000.5010.0010.001.630.000.440.4410.0010.00
13)11/27/2021 11:24 am Banded BullfrogCommittee of Nations BankBanded Bullfrog$0.00500.
14)11/26/2021 05:20 am Banded BullfrogCommittee of Nations BankBanded Bullfrog$0.001,000.0030.5020.

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