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The Great Nation of Sebanon Sebanon is a nation led by Titan Sebastian Larsen on the continent of Europe. The Great Nation of Sebanon Sebanon's government is a Federal Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Great Nation of Sebanon Sebanon favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Great Nation of Sebanon Sebanon is the Sebanon złoty. At 452 days old, The Great Nation of Sebanon Sebanon is an ancient nation. The Great Nation of Sebanon Sebanon has a population of 851,787 and a land area of 12,800.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 66.55. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

  • The geat nation of Sebanon is a small county located on the coastline of Poland and Germany. 
  • Sebanon got its independance in 1945 after ww2.
  • Sebanon got its own language in 1952 and is a mix of Polish, German, Finnish, spanish, Norwegian and Russian.
  • The country has around 1 million people carrying the Sebanonezcie passport.
  • The county is growing in size and people every day.
  • The country used the Polish Zloty untill 1966, when they got the Sebanonezciesa Zloty.
  • 1 SZY = 0.83 Dollars.
  • The county follows the religion of Dova wich is a special group created by some of the authors of the Bible in the year 68.
  • Xiao Ling is the national animal and Sebanon is the only county in teh universe where it lives.(3 783 are still alive)
  • Sebanon is proud of its military and is active in wars.
  • Sebanon has it's own Football/Soccer National team, but has failed to ever qualify to any major turnaments:

National Badge:





  • Sebanon got it's own Football/Soccer league 1,2 and 3! 
  • Sebazok Leika 1 Finalle

Blue: Champions League

Orange: Europa League

Green: Conferance League

Purpule and upp: League finaleze cupez

Red: Down to Sirkiza Leika 2

  1. Lagozie- 94 pts
  2. Sebonize Arkica- 94 pts
  3. Igozie- 90 pts
  4. Argoz Unize- 71 pts
  5. Lebaguize- 70 pts
  6. Hellvikize IL- 68 pts
  7. Xiboz FL- 62 pts
  8. Okif FIL- 60 pts
  9. Nikozi Unize- 60 pts
  10. Erica Uxa- 52 pts
  11. Labondic Ukazif- 50 pts
  12. Moniza FL- 50 pts
  13. Firocu lino- 48 pts
  14. Nicoz- 46 pts
  15. Kizik- 42 pts
  16. Narikizo- 40 pts
  17. Jerpou Unize- 31 pts
  18. Yugozi- 26 pts
  19. Weriziuf- 18 pts


Extreme Left

Cannabis: Cannabis possession, distribution, and use is a serious crime in this country, and 100% illegal. Cannabis can only be used for medical reasons, with permission from the government. It is not legal to use Cannabis, but there is no law against possessing small amounts. Recreational Cannabis use is allowed for anyone over the age of 18. 
Mandatory Service: Everyone, upon reaching adulthood, must serve in the nation's military for a set length of time. Everyone, upon reaching adulthood, must serve in the nation's military or do community service for a set length of time. Military and community service is encouraged to everyone upon reaching adulthood, but not mandated. The government is not allowed to force or encourage military or community service to anyone upon reaching adulthood. 
Capital Punishment: No form of capital punishment, including the death penalty, is legal in this country. Capital punishment is illegal, but the death penalty is allowed in heinous crimes. Capital punishment, including the death penalty, is legal in this country. 
Secondary Education: The government is not responsible for helping or aiding college students in any way. The government will offer students some special loans with discounted interest rates. The government will pay for the cost of secondary education, only for the nation's brightest students. The government will ensure that secondary education is free and available to all students. 
Prohibition: The possession, consumption, distribution, and sale of alcohol is legal for adults in this country. The possession, consumption, distribution, and sale of alcohol is illegal for adults in this country. 
Energy: The government supports Oil and Coal as the nation's top energy sources. Pollution is not an issue. The nation strongly supports alternative energy sources, and seeks to mitigate pollution. 
Assisted Suicide: Any and all forms of assisted suicide are illegal in this country. Assisted suicide administered by a doctor is legal in this country. 
[email protected]#$ Marriage: Any two adults have the right to get married, regardless of their [email protected]#$. Marriage in this country is defined as only between a man and a woman. 
Unions: Worker unions are mandated by the government in large businesses. Workers that wish to form a union are protected from losing their jobs. Employers are allowed to fire workers attempting to organize unions. Forming worker unions is illegal in this country. 
Campaign Finance: The government cannot tell someone how they can or can't spend their money. The government can only limit a corporation or union's donation to a campaign. The government can limit corporation, union, and individual donations to campaigns. The government will pay for and provide publicly funded elections, and all private campaign donations are illegal. 
Speech: There is no guarantee to free speech in this country. All citizens are granted the right to free speech by their government. 
Hard Drugs: Recreational use of "hard" drugs is not against the law. The use of "hard" drugs is strictly illegal. 
Spending: Deficit spending is allowed and necessary at some times. The government is not allowed to borrow money, and must always maintain a balanced budget. 
Infant Circumcision: Infant circumcision is illegal, but males can be circumcised by their choice once adults. Parents have the right to circumcise their infant boys, if they so choose. 
Immigration: Any immigration into this country is illegal. The government will accept immigrants, but sets hard quotas on how many can enter the country. The government allows as many immigrants as want to come to the country enter, with no quotas. The government accepts all immigrants, and grants amnesty to illegal immigrants. 
Gun Rights: Citizens are allowed to own and possess any and all weapons. Citizens can own most firearms, but military grade vehicles and explosives are illegal. Citizens are allowed to own only a limited number of rifle firearms, and no handguns. Citizens are not allowed to own any firearms of any kind. 
Religion: The government cannot endorse any specific religion, and there is a clear separation of church and state. The government cannot endorse any religion, but religious practices are allowed in government establishments. The government endorses a specific religion, but does not require citizens to practice it. The government endorses a specific religion, and mandates all citizens practice it. 
Healthcare: The government provides free healthcare services for all citizens. The government provides free healthcare for only low income citizens. The government does not pay for any healthcare, but regulates hospitals and insurance companies. The government does not regulate or interfere with the healthcare industry. 
Polygamist Marriage: Any number of consenting adults have the right to get married together. Marriage can only be between two people. Polygamy is illegal. 
Taxes: There are no income taxes in this country. Revenue is generated through other methods. The only income tax is a flat tax at the same rate for all citizens. A progressive income tax is used, taxing the lower class less than the upper class. The government only taxes the wealthy, and redistributes the income through a universal basic income. 
Torture: The government will not torture any individual, for any reason. Torture is an effective and necessary tool used by the government. 
Abortion: Women always have the choice to have an abortion, at any point during their pregnancy. Women have the right to an abortion during the 1st trimester of their pregnancy. Women are only allowed to have an abortion in situations where the woman's life is at risk, or she was [email protected]#$. Abortion is never legal, regardless of the circumstances. 
Welfare: Any person in poverty is eligible for government welfare programs to provide for their basic needs. Any person in poverty willing to do community service is eligible for government welfare programs. Any person in poverty that can pass a drug test is eligible for government welfare programs. Impoverished persons must rely on the charity of others, as the government will not provide welfare programs. 



Basic Information
Nation Name: Sebanon
Leader Name: Sebastian Larsen
Nation ID: 357814
Founded: 09/05/2021 (452 Days Old)
Last Activity: Active 18 hours ago
Discord Username:S3BZ#7422
Unique ID: e4d1551156bf81faf1facedfe
International Relations
Alliance: East Concord Alliance Flag
Alliance Seniority:26 days
Color Trade Bloc: $ea of Green
Commendations: 5
Denouncements: 2
Nation Page Visits: 1,330
Population: 851,787
Infrastructure: 6,412.79
Land Area: 12,800 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 66.55 people/sq. mi
GDP: $630,606,028.00
GDP per Capita: $740.33
GNI: $417,934,125.00
Economic Policies: Extreme Left
Currency: Currency Image Sebanon złoty
Government Type: Federal Republic Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny Icon
Social Policies: Conservative
State Religion: Dova Dova
National Animal: National Animal ImageXiao Ling
Approval Rating: 0% (-81.62)
Pollution Index: 189 points
Radiation Index: 670.62 R (Global: 588.42 R)
Nation Rank: #6,746 of 31,893 Nations (21.15%)
Nation Score: More Information 697.92
War Policy: Help Pirate Pirate Icon
Spies: Unknown
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed: 1,732.90
Infrastructure Lost: 9,333.00
Money Looted: $13,392,108.40
Wars Won: 6
Wars Lost: 28

There are no posted bounties on this nation.

7 Cities [M]
Nation Activity
12/01 06:55 am - Sebanon had war declared by Jensaka for the reason of "Green Purge!".
11/30 10:58 am - Sebanon changed their Color Trade Bloc from Beige to Green.
11/25 11:52 pm - Sebanon had war declared by Xanadu for the reason of "Green Purge".
11/25 11:51 pm - Sebanon had war declared by Free Stastev for the reason of "Get Off Green Colour Block".
11/25 01:13 pm - Sebanon had war declared by Democratic Republic of Haifi for the reason of "Welcome to Orbis.".
11/23 08:10 pm - Sebanon changed their Color Trade Bloc from Gray to Green.
11/22 08:26 pm - Sebanon declared war on Salt Federation for the reason of "Me too, thanks".
11/22 03:40 pm - Grahm of Zalem has publicly commended the nation of Sebanon.
11/21 09:36 am - Sebanon has publicly denounced the nation of Kingdom of Vandalia led by Oristocrus.
11/19 11:21 pm - Sebanon declared war on Kingdom of Vandalia for the reason of "Hello, we are raiding you and expect you to not fight back. if, It wil end bad.".
11/18 10:37 am - Sebanon declared war on Kyralistan for the reason of "Want to see blood".
11/16 09:55 pm - Sebanon declared war on Ionian Islands for the reason of "SORRY Brother, I have to.".
11/14 05:24 pm - Sebastian Larsen built a new project: Missile Launch Pad
11/14 02:06 pm - Sebanon declared war on Social Democratic Union for the reason of "You're a disease, and I'm the cure.".
11/14 02:02 pm - Sebanon declared war on UrsaHellas for the reason of "Hahahh".
11/13 06:02 pm - Sebanon changed their Color Trade Bloc from Gray to White.
11/06 10:00 pm - Just John approved Sebanon's alliance application and set their alliance permissions to the default member position.
11/06 03:13 am - Sebanon applied to join the alliance East Concord.
09/21 12:41 am - Sebanon had war declared by Level-C for the reason of "Me too, thanks".
09/09 08:52 am - Sebanon declared war on Eget Moriendum for the reason of "Get raided bich".
Airplane security changes drastically.

Drastic changes in airplane security!

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1 National Project
Missile Launch Pad
Missile Launch Pad is a national project that allows you to build Missiles.