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Republica de Aguacenta

Más Gloriosa Republica de Aguacenta is a nation led by First Minister Aguacenta on the continent of South America. Más Gloriosa Republica de Aguacenta's government is a Theocratic Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, Más Gloriosa Republica de Aguacenta favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Más Gloriosa Republica de Aguacenta is the Mexican Peso. At 1,563 days old, Más Gloriosa Republica de Aguacenta is an ancient nation. Más Gloriosa Republica de Aguacenta has a population of 3,832,784 and a land area of 51,979.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 73.74. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

The Most Glorious Republic of Aguacenta is an coastal nation located in eastern Siberia. The capital and largest city the Republic is Ciudad Nueva.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Republica de Aguacenta
Leader Name:Aguacenta
Currency:Currency Image Mexican Peso
History:The first settlers arrived what is now Aguacenta from the Hispanola in the early 700’s CE. These seafaring people used settled small farming and fishing communities along the island’s coast. These early settlements grew into a strategic trade hub and supply depot for trans-oceanic shipping. As the independent towns grew more wealthy and powerful, they began to drift apart from the nations that originally settled them.

After a bloody revolutionary struggle, the newly unified cities formed the Republic of Aguacenta. The government of Aguacenta takes the form of a unitary theocratic republic. The legislature of the Republic consists of two houses, the National Assembly of the Republic and the Council of Elders. The National Assembly is elected by all male property holding citizens of the Republic once every five years. The Council of Elders consists of religious leaders from the Church of Hielo and is headed by the Patriarch of the Church of Hielo. The Executive branch of the government of Aguacenta is headed by the President of the Republic. The President is appointed by the National Assembly and confirmed by the Council of Elders. The current President of the Republic is the Honorable Ernesto Celestino Rios de Aguacenta.

Religion plays an important role in the civic life in Aguacenta. The Church of Hielo is dominant religious authority in Aguacenta, forming the basis for both law and cultural life. The Patriarch of Hielo acts as head of the Church of Hielo. While other religions are tolerated, active membership in the Church of Hielo is required in order to vote or become elected to any public office.

Ninety-two percent of Aguacenta's population belongs to the Church of Hielo. The earliest settlers from the west originated in the northern portion of the Iberian Peninsula, and modern Aguacenta has been heavily influenced by Iberian culture. Roughly sixty percent of the island’s inhabitants are of Iberian decent. The second wave of settlement on Hielo came primarily from west-central Europe, resulting in large number of Aguacentians of German ancestry. The official language of Republic is Spanish, however, German is also widely spoken, and many Aguacentians are bi-lingual, or come from mixed cultural backgrounds.
Continent:South America
Land Area:83,651.88 sq. km
Terrain:Aguacenta is an continental nation located near the Northern Pacific and Arctic Oceans. The capital and largest city the Republic is Ciudad Nueva. The southern coast of the country is home to the majority of nation’s population and industry. The interior of the island is covered mountainous desert, tundra, and taiga, which make it very inhospitable to new settlements. Aguacenta has extensive gold, silver, and other non-ferrous metal deposits which make it popular mining site.
Highest Peak:Montana Mayor, 1,962 meters
Lowest Valley:Pacific Ocean, 0 meters
Climate:The weather is characterized by cold northerly winds that can quickly change to wet southern winds. The coastal areas are windy with little precipitation. Temperature varies from −15 °C in winter to +14 °C in summer. The growing season in Aguacenta is short, typically only 80 to 100 days per year.
People & Society
Population:3,832,784 people
Demonym Plural:Aguacentia
Ethnic Groups:Iberian - 63.2%
German - 28.6%
Italian - 4.9%
Languages:Aguacentian Spanish - 81.5%
German - 18.3%
Others - 0.2%
Religions:Church of Hielo - 92.4%
Protestantism - 5.7%
Other Religions - 1.9%
Life Expectancy:74 years
Alcohol Users:0%
Tobacco Users:0%
Cannabis Users:0%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:The Republic of Aguacenta has a predominantly capitalist economy. Most of Aguacenta's industries are held by private individuals or councils. Low trade barriers and friendly corporate tax policies has allowed Aguacenta's economy to flourish in recent years. However, the government maintains major stakes in several key industries, most notably those related to defense and mineral extraction.
Average Yearly Income:$149.08
GDP per Capita:$1,796.51
Industries:Because of the inhospitable nature of the island, the majority of Aguacenta’s land is not suitable for agriculture. Agricultural is Aguacenta's least developed economic sector. The economy of Aguacenta relies heavily on fishing, mineral extraction, banking, and trans-oceanic shipping. There is a small, but growing tourist industry in Aguacenta, which serves people who wish to take in the natural beauty of its lands.
History:The armed forces of the Republic of Aguacenta were founded by the provision revolutionary government during the War for Aguacentian Independence. After the end of the revolution, the military was downsized and placed under the control of the National Assembly of the Republic of Aguacenta. Military service is mandatory in Aguacenta, and all male citizens of the nation serve a three year term upon reaching the age of 18. Women are exempt from compulsory service, but many women choose to enlist voluntarily.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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