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The Monarchy of Stinga ding is a nation led by Grand Chancler Binga Ding on the continent of Asia. The Monarchy of Stinga ding's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very fascist social policies. Economically, The Monarchy of Stinga ding favors far right wing policies. The official currency of The Monarchy of Stinga ding is the Dong. At 901 days old, The Monarchy of Stinga ding is an ancient nation. The Monarchy of Stinga ding has a population of 3,927,880 and a land area of 28,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 140.28. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.



This nation believes in the freedom of speech and expression. Our citizens love this nation so much that they will put their life on the line to defend it and its citizens. Anyone that attacks the nation will feel the full force of our Navy, AirForce, and nuclear Arsenal. We will not stop fighting until the attacking nation is turned to rubble.

This nation also has excellent ties with the communist and capitalist parties. Every attack on this nation leaves a scar that will be prepared with your steel and aluminum. Stinga Ding will not sit down.


Binga Ding(11)

President Age: 47

President's Birthday: Nov 7, 2024



Badge of Honor from the Great war

Alliance Seniority

The elites 460 days

Arrgh seven days

Standard Steel 4 months

                                                        The commonwealth Present

Thank you to all the soldiers who died protecting this great country.

Soldiers          Tanks          Air Force     Navy         Spies     Elite Mercenaries

3,072,956     157,647         14,896        1,651          287              40,000



                                                                                 Stinga Ding Most Wanted

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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: Stinga ding
Leader Name: Binga Ding
Currency: Currency Image
National Animal: National Animal Image
Black Lab
History: After the 6 years of civil war with Iraq, Stinga Ding was officially a country. In the beginning, everything was fine with a dynasty. Emporer Binga Ding was a great emperor we had a great economy, but they cut back on military spending losing 40,000 jobs. This caused outrage across the nation. The final straw came when Binga Ding wanted to take away all guns from citizens. Everyone had enough they decided to have a revolution. The revolution was lead by Vladimir Makarov the leader today. He rallied everyone making speeches inspiring people. He told people to get ready at a minute's notice just in case the Dingas try to take out their munitions base.

The dawn of December January 12 2064

everyone was waking up for the raid on The Stinga Dinga Airfields. There were about 10-150 Aircraft in the whole fleet with 10. The plan was to take out half the air force and try to gain Air superiority. It was a brutal; defeat we lost 30,000 men and women and we were only able to take out 3 hangers. we took over one airstrip so we could get planes in the sky.

In the course of 11 months, we controlled half the cities. We controlled Shlopa Ding, Dupa Ding, Busha Ding, and shlapa ding. The Stinga Dinag government sued for peace. Vladimir Makarov accepted the peace offer. We took over half their military half their land and half their oil reserve/drills.

The Nation is now controlled by Vladimir Makarov as a sign of respect to the nation he once loved he changed his name to Stinga Ding. Binga ding(2) Accepted many treaties with terrorist groups making this nation a safe haven for terrorists. The nation is doing surprisingly well especially with the 100+ terrorist organizations in Stinga DIng.

3 months later Binga Ding(2) was voted out of office the new leader is Binga ding(3). With a new law in place that every national leader has to change their name to Binga Ding. Binga Ding(3) put in place a law banning terrorist groups. This nation now solely focuses on oil and steel production and the greater good of the citizens.

2068 was the day of reforms. they put in a new government that is against corruption. a new law past that will shoot any corrupt official on site.

2086 Binga Ding (11) declares war on terrorism and legalizes all drugs
Continent: Asia
Land Area: 45,061.52 sq. km
Terrain: The terain is flat with some mountains and lots of sand dunes. There are a couple of craters from our [REDACTED] tests in the desert.
Highest Peak: chillama, 10,000 meters
Lowest Valley: Wiches pot, -1,000 meters
Climate: Very humid, scorching hot in the summer and warm winters. Oceans freeze in the winter with the loss of the sun for most of the year
People & Society
Population: 3,927,880 people
Demonym: Dinga
Demonym Plural: Dinga's
Ethnic Groups: Dinga - 70.0%
West African - 20.0%
European - 10.0%
Languages: Dinga - 80.0%
Arabic - 10.0%
other - 10.0%
Religions: athiest - 70.0%
christan - 15.0%
other - 15.0%
Life Expectancy: 50 years
Obesity: 40%
Alcohol Users: 80%
Tobacco Users: 60%
Cannabis Users: 90%
Hard Drug Users: 11.7%
Description: This nations is a capatalist socieity beliving in an open market and allowing citizens to buy what they want. Most of the income for that nation revolves around producing and selling gas at cheap prices. The tax rate is low at 12% and is controlled by the Stinga Ding Taxation Services.
Average Yearly Income: $507.20
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $880,024,075.00
GDP per Capita: $224.05
Gross National Income (GNI): $-819,082,630.00
Industries: Major industries include military contracting and Gasoline production. Stinga Ding sells Gasoline on the global market, while not having to buy guns from other nations because we make our own with the help of Lockheed Martin. But the biggest producer of money is the Stinga Ding Accounting businesses. They receive "Dirty money" in exchange for clean bills, and businesses around the world use the services of Stinga ding to launder money at low costs to dodge taxes.
History: The Military was created in 2064 as part of the beginning revolution against Saudi Arabia. The nation fought hard for independence. The war was all because the leader of Saudi Arabia kept on taxing the Stingas harder than they did the Arab people.

The military will be built up to max capacity now after losing a war. We still have plans for a nuclear warhead project

This military has been in place since the civil war against Saudi Arabia. We would like to thank America for helping us in the civil war.
The leading generals were killed in the octagon when an enemy nation sent a ballistic missile at it. RIP the 5 4-star generals and 10 3-star commanders.

The military is the best in our war range we have 6,500 Tanks 975 Air craft, 65 Ships and 3000 Special forces ready to defend the nation. We also keep the nation's military at max strength with 10 missiles and 5 nukes. This is so no nation is stronger then The Nation of Stinga Ding.

The military is being revamped next year to prepare for more wars in the future
Soldiers: 210,000
Tanks: 17,250
Aircraft: 880
Ships: 205
Missiles: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 6
Last Updated: 03/28/2023 05:50 am