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Daniski is a nation led by President Von daasbjerg on the continent of Europe. Daniski's government is a Democratic Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, Daniski favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Daniski is the Krona. At 199 days old, Daniski is a mature nation. Daniski has a population of 189,835 and a land area of 5,050.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 37.59. Pollution in the nation is everywhere. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

We are all disturbed....
The nation of disturbed vikings....

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1)01/27/2020 11:47 pm The Immortals BankDaniskiWesterosi$5,000,
2)10/14/2019 05:06 am Seven Kingdoms BankDaniskiKerbania$5,000,
3)08/12/2019 01:06 pm Seven Kingdoms BankDaniskiKerbania$3,000,,000.00
4)07/28/2019 04:57 pm Black Knights BankDaniskiEee1$41,976.
5)07/27/2019 06:09 pm Black Knights BankDaniski$123,055.0045.002.0013.0015.
6)07/23/2019 12:53 pm Seven Kingdoms BankDaniskiStillhard$10,000,,500.003,500.003,500.00
7)07/22/2019 04:02 am Guardians of the Galaxy BankDaniskiHonoghr$33,981.0025.
8)07/18/2019 07:16 am Order of the White Rose BankDaniskiAxios$115,207.001,133.00533.007.0075.
9)07/17/2019 05:04 pm Order of the White Rose BankDaniskiYukikuni Protectorate$105,761.001,040.00489.006.0069.
10)07/17/2019 05:03 pm Order of the White Rose BankDaniskiGensokyo$2,669.0026.0012.
11)07/17/2019 06:47 am Order of the White Rose BankDaniskiNew Gwynedd$208,096.001,365.00642.008.0090.
12)07/14/2019 07:03 pm Seven Kingdoms BankDaniskiKerbania$25,000,
13)07/09/2019 03:34 am Seven Kingdoms BankDaniskiKerbania$,000.002,500.000.00
14)07/09/2019 03:15 am Black Knights BankDaniski$43,807.0042.001.006.0031.
15)07/08/2019 08:56 am Black Knights BankDaniskiTyrol$222,122.00227.003.0016.00101.0010.005.007.00117.00115.00176.00117.00

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