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golden European

Golden European is a nation led by Kejser Mikael von Daasbjerg on the continent of North America. Golden European's government is a Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, Golden European favors left wing policies. The official currency of Golden European is the Euro. At 1,483 days old, Golden European is an ancient nation. Golden European has a population of 686,996 and a land area of 40,531.55 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 16.95. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Golden European is a proud member of the sk alliance...
Together we grow...
Together we fight...
Together we stand our ground...
Together we protect the alliance....
Together we are united...

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1)10/14/2019 05:06 am Seven Kingdoms Bankgolden EuropeanKerbania$5,000,
2)08/12/2019 01:06 pm Seven Kingdoms Bankgolden EuropeanKerbania$3,000,,000.00
3)07/28/2019 04:57 pm Black Knights Bankgolden EuropeanEee1$41,976.
4)07/27/2019 06:09 pm Black Knights Bankgolden EuropeanAtomen$123,055.0045.002.0013.0015.
5)07/23/2019 12:53 pm Seven Kingdoms Bankgolden EuropeanStillhard$10,000,,500.003,500.003,500.00
6)07/22/2019 04:02 am Guardians of the Galaxy Bankgolden EuropeanHonoghr$33,981.0025.
7)07/18/2019 07:16 am Order of the White Rose Bankgolden EuropeanAxios$115,207.001,133.00533.007.0075.
8)07/17/2019 05:04 pm Order of the White Rose Bankgolden EuropeanYukikuni Protectorate$105,761.001,040.00489.006.0069.
9)07/17/2019 05:03 pm Order of the White Rose Bankgolden EuropeanGensokyo$2,669.0026.0012.
10)07/17/2019 06:47 am Order of the White Rose Bankgolden EuropeanNew Gwynedd$208,096.001,365.00642.008.0090.
11)07/14/2019 07:03 pm Seven Kingdoms Bankgolden EuropeanKerbania$25,000,
12)07/09/2019 03:34 am Seven Kingdoms Bankgolden EuropeanKerbania$,000.002,500.000.00
13)07/09/2019 03:15 am Black Knights Bankgolden EuropeanThe Order of Humanity$43,807.0042.001.006.0031.
14)07/08/2019 08:56 am Black Knights Bankgolden EuropeanTyrol$222,122.00227.003.0016.00101.0010.005.007.00117.00115.00176.00117.00
15)07/06/2019 05:03 am Solar Knights Bankgolden EuropeanFetils Svell$3,035,377.0010.0041.0043.0048.002.0024.0026.00265.00230.00253.00328.00

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