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The Land of New Oqepis is a nation led by Supreme Leader Hudson The Great on the continent of South America. The Land of New Oqepis's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Land of New Oqepis favors left wing policies. The official currency of The Land of New Oqepis is the Oqepin Orb. At 686 days old, The Land of New Oqepis is an ancient nation. The Land of New Oqepis has a population of 2,418,185 and a land area of 23,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 102.90. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 55.7467%.

National bird - Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaws are the largest parrots in the world! They are native to evergreen forests in New Oqepis and other South American countries.


National flower - Begonia

Begonia features colorful foliage and ornamental flowers. The plant prefers to grow in shade, and is a native plant in New Oqepis. This makes it a popular houseplant choice for patriotic Oqepins.


National mammal (additionally national animal) - Giant Otter

These big weasels (Mustelidae) are known for being every Oqepin's favorite carnivorous river-dwellers. Breaking the norm of mustelids, the giant otter is a social species, with family groups typically supporting three to eight members. The noisiest otter species, their distinct vocalizations have been documented to indicate alarm, aggression, and reassurance. Some of the nation's crazier citizens have tried to tame these lengthy waterborne meat-munchers, and only one has been rumored to have succeeded. It is told that after having his house stormed by the media, he moved with his otter to a remote island just off the coast of New Oqepis using a pirated submarine from the Oqepin military.


National reptile - Eyelash Viper

Thought by many to be the most beautiful species of snake, this venomous pit viper is the deadliest snake to live in South American rainforests.


National arthropod - Nodose Clinging Crab

This spider-like crab is one of the more interesting crabs. Since they are very aggressive towards each other, only a mated pair can be kept together. Worm steak is always on their menu.


National amphibian - Poison Dart Frog

Poison dart frogs are so toxic that they aren’t safe to touch with bare hands. Oqepins must resist the temptation to reach out and pet one of these adorable and brightly-colored amphibians.


National pest - Kissing Bug

Also known as vampire bugs, kissing bugs are an incredibly poisonous species that like to land on human’s faces and bite them near the lip. Kissing bugs might not kill you immediately, but their unique venom causes around 30% of their victims develop chronic health problems that can result in sudden heart failure later down the line. They are known as an epidemic, killing thousands a year in the small nation of New Oqepis alone.


National tree - Erythrina fusca

Erythrina fusca is a species of flowering tree in the legume family, Fabaceae. It is known by many common names, including purple coraltree, gallito, bois immortelle, bucayo, and the more ambiguous "bucare" and "coral bean". The easy-to-grow and attractive flowering tree is cultivated as an ornamental shade and hedge plant. It is a common shade tree in cacao plantations. It attracts hummingbirds, which pollinate its flowers.


National fish - Piraiba Catfish

A massive fish, often weighing well above 400 pounds. Any Oqepin able to catch one will earn great respect among their communities.


National car - Aspark Owl

0 to 60 mph in 1.69 seconds. Reaches speeds over 240 mph. Over 2000 horsepower.


National dessert - Mousse De Maracuyá

You will find many kinds of tropical fruit mousses and mousse cakes in South American bakeries. They are even more popular than chocolate mousse. Serve this delicious mousse with fresh fruit, or use as a filling for a cake. Recipe (click here). 



All information provided with the help of hella outdated textbooks. It's 2068 and we haven't been able to afford new books since what, August 2021?



Ok, that's enough in-character roleplay type stuff. Moving on to in-game:



I think I got a prize for being efficient? For some reason they also said I shouldn't keep the full mil build after the war...

["Armenia's Revenge" (Big Black Clock) - New Oqepis - 3rd in net damage, The WEI]










GW24 (bro didn't GW20 just end)

Someone DM me on Discord or send me an ingame message when I forget to update this.

Basic Information
Nation Name: New Oqepis
Leader Name: Hudson The Great
Nation ID: 285991
Founded: 03/22/2021 (686 Days Old)
Last Activity: Active 14 hours ago
Forum Account:Click Here
Discord Username:HudsonTheCoolDog#6267
Unique ID: d9321aa45e1c72ae7b6d9b8d4
International Relations
Alliance: United Purple Nations Alliance Flag
Alliance Seniority:148 days
Color Trade Bloc: Aurorian Purple
Commendations: 34
Denouncements: 3
Nation Page Visits: 4,859
Population: 2,418,185
Infrastructure: 17,152.42
Land Area: 23,500 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 102.90 people/sq. mi
GDP: $2,067,850,593.00
GDP per Capita: $855.12
GNI: $1,224,222,775.00
Economic Policies: Left
Currency: Currency Image Oqepin Orb
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Imperialism Imperialism Icon
Social Policies: Liberal
State Religion: Illuminataism Illuminataism
National Animal: National Animal ImageGiant River Otter
Approval Rating: 56% (55.75)
Pollution Index: 0 points
Radiation Index: 62.06 R (Global: 110.40 R)
OBL Team: Hillbillies
Nation Rank: #2,966 of 33,204 Nations (8.93%)
Nation Score: More Information 1,889.92
War Policy: Help Arcane Arcane Icon
Spies: Unknown
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed: 72,885.71
Infrastructure Lost: 40,458.00
Money Looted: $224,076,958.29
Wars Won: 91
Wars Lost: 53

There are no posted bounties on this nation.

14 Cities [M]
Nation Activity
01/29 03:38 pm - New Oqepis had war declared by Zarithica for the reason of "A not-so-general dispute".
01/27 05:34 pm - Naaro of Vestlandet has publicly commended the nation of New Oqepis.
01/27 01:53 pm - New Oqepis has publicly commended the nation of Vestlandet led by Naaro.
01/16 08:59 pm - Naaro changed the alliance position of Hudson The Great from applicant to Member.
01/15 09:16 pm - New Oqepis changed their Color Trade Bloc from Gray to Purple.
01/07 06:57 pm - New Oqepis applied to join the alliance United Purple Nations.
01/06 01:13 pm - New Oqepis had war declared by Austria for the reason of "Me too, thanks".
01/06 10:51 am - New Oqepis had war declared by Immitis for the reason of "Active raid, DM for peace term".
01/06 04:13 am - New Oqepis had war declared by Tundong for the reason of "Arrgh!".
01/05 07:58 pm - New Oqepis has publicly commended the nation of DizzyMizzLizzy led by Tim Christensen.
01/05 07:51 pm - Tim Christensen of DizzyMizzLizzy has publicly commended the nation of New Oqepis.
01/05 06:13 pm - Swade Vanheim of New Swadia has publicly commended the nation of New Oqepis.
01/05 11:58 am - Blair4932 removed Hudson The Great from the alliance. They previously had the position: Weist.
12/26 07:18 pm - New Oqepis declared war on Argartha for the reason of "I’m probably as surprised as you that this war is still going".
12/26 07:01 pm - New Oqepis declared war on Systems Alliance for the reason of "Sorrow".
12/21 09:57 pm - New Oqepis has publicly denounced the nation of Hetrean Empire led by Aizar.
12/21 09:37 pm - Aizar of Hetrean Empire has publicly denounced the nation of New Oqepis.
12/21 01:19 am - New Oqepis has publicly commended the nation of Bayvos led by Asclepius.
12/19 07:33 pm - New Oqepis has publicly commended the nation of TheScrotumScratch led by leikkrr.
12/19 12:39 am - leikkrr of TheScrotumScratch has publicly commended the nation of New Oqepis.
12/18 11:45 pm - New Oqepis declared war on Summtria for the reason of "Heyyyyy".
12/18 11:22 pm - New Oqepis declared war on Hetrean Empire for the reason of "Zoooooom (race car noises) (special people war)".
12/14 12:00 pm - New Oqepis has publicly commended the nation of Elephant England led by Hazza.
12/13 01:40 pm - New Oqepis declared war on Croe Glea for the reason of "We zoom on in".
12/13 01:39 pm - New Oqepis declared war on Britain for the reason of "Ya seem relatively cool, but unfortunately this is politics n’ war".
12/12 12:48 am - New Oqepis declared war on Gekkostate for the reason of "Zoooooom".
12/12 12:47 am - New Oqepis declared war on Aiira for the reason of "No offense, but".
12/12 12:44 am - New Oqepis declared war on Tsundere for the reason of "I’m going to punch you.".
12/08 02:12 am - New Oqepis declared war on Opallux for the reason of "Man is this GW finna end soon or…".
12/08 02:09 am - New Oqepis declared war on The Bakery for the reason of "Send cupcakes, then I might chill.".
Nation Score Over Time
Score Component Breakdown
Nation Militarization Over Time
5 National Projects
Arable Land Agency
Arable Land Agency is a national project that reduces the cost of land by 5%.
Center for Civil Engineering
Center for Civil Engineering is a national project that increases knowledge about infrastructure. Infrastructure costs drop 5% in all cities.
Intelligence Agency
Intelligence Agency is a national project that allows you to do two espionage operations per day instead of one and train up to 60 spies.
Propaganda Bureau
Propaganda Bureau is a national project that increases your military unit recruitment rate.
Resource Production Center
Resource Production Center generates some raw resources each turn depending on the number of cities the nation has.