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AniMerica is a nation led by Tsar Krieg Vas on the continent of North America. AniMerica's government is a Theocratic Dictatorship with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, AniMerica favors far right wing policies. The official currency of AniMerica is the Vas Coin. At 197 days old, AniMerica is a mature nation. AniMerica has a population of 4,910,225 and a land area of 38,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 129.22. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

                                                                                                    Government Position



Nation Flag by Velyni Vas
First winner of TFAP's Count for Cash
Low Gov of TAP (May 2021-July 2021)

Co-Viceroy of TAP (July 2021-Current)

Most Helpful Member (June 15th)

Veteran of Guns and Roses
Sole Owner of Scratchy's Crab Rangoon SS
Honorable Mentions: 
Erik of Kaitain
Konata of Koniyata


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1)09/24/2021 11:28 am AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$25,000,
2)09/22/2021 05:40 am The Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMericaAniMerica$87,000,
3)09/16/2021 05:18 am AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$23,000,
4)09/16/2021 05:18 am The Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMericaAniMerica$0.000.005,777.
5)09/12/2021 05:46 am The Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMericaAniMerica$80,000,
6)09/11/2021 08:53 pm AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$23,000,000.000.002,600.
7)09/08/2021 11:34 am AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$11,000,000.000.002,800.
8)09/06/2021 11:07 pm AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$,
9)09/06/2021 10:50 pm The Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMericaAniMerica$2,000,
10)09/05/2021 02:05 am AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$37,000,
11)09/04/2021 06:15 am AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$30,000,
12)09/01/2021 11:50 am The Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMericaAniMerica$10,000,
13)09/01/2021 11:49 am The Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMericaAniMerica$20,000,
14)08/30/2021 10:40 am AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$28,000,
15)08/24/2021 11:16 pm AniMericaThe Armed Peacekeepers BankAniMerica$,650.00

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