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The Anarcho-Monarchy of Mocha is a nation led by Our Most Serene Mocha I on the continent of Australia. The Anarcho-Monarchy of Mocha's government is a Communist Monarchy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, The Anarcho-Monarchy of Mocha favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Anarcho-Monarchy of Mocha is the Polkatons. At 737 days old, The Anarcho-Monarchy of Mocha is an ancient nation. The Anarcho-Monarchy of Mocha has a population of 650,306 and a land area of 24,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 27.10. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

I don’t know what I’m doing



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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)04/28/2022 07:36 am Arrgh BankMochathe pirate republic$
2)04/17/2022 04:05 pm BankMocha$
3)04/17/2022 04:01 pm MochaWeebunism BankMocha$,000.00
4)01/09/2022 02:06 am Laffeys Lair BankMochaKingdom of Moogs$88,000,
5)12/12/2021 02:55 am MochaWeebunism BankMocha$,000.000.00
6)12/12/2021 02:12 am Weebunism BankMochaUnited Territories$,000.005,000.005,000.005,000.00
7)12/12/2021 12:27 am MochaWeebunism BankMocha$30,000,
8)12/06/2021 11:46 pm Laffeys Lair BankMochaKingdom of Moogs$150,000,
9)06/22/2021 05:30 pm Weebunism BankMochaUnited Territories$32,000,,500.000.00750.000.00
10)06/22/2021 05:23 pm Weebunism BankMochaUnited Territories$48,000,
11)06/09/2021 12:15 am The Knights Radiant BankMochaPalindaria$330,219.00164.002.006.0014.
12)06/09/2021 12:13 am The Knights Radiant BankMochaRenegadia$495,815.00246.003.0010.0021.003.003.0011.0052.0044.0021.0065.00
13)05/27/2021 06:49 pm BankMocha$456,639.00151.005.002.0021.
14)05/25/2021 12:48 am MochaWeebunism BankMocha$5,000,
15)05/25/2021 12:01 am Weebunism BankMochaUnited Territories$10,000,

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