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The Union Defense of Nytrula is a nation led by Comrade Xyticus on the continent of Asia. The Union Defense of Nytrula's government is a Communist Democracy with very anarchist social policies. Economically, The Union Defense of Nytrula favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Union Defense of Nytrula is the Yuan. At 289 days old, The Union Defense of Nytrula is an old nation. The Union Defense of Nytrula has a population of 311,354 and a land area of 16,800.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 18.53. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 64.9734%.

Welcome to Nytrula, the Communist Utopia! 


Fighting Tyranny and Exploitation!

 Want Peace? DM me and I will negotiate.



-The Great Tyranny: December 13-February 20

-Stagnation of Isolation: December 16-February 20

-The Revolution of Stars: February 21-February 28

-Population Boom: March 1- March 20

-Starving Age: March 21-April 1

-Eyes of the Future: April 2- April 27







Peoples' Jury



Quiiwaen Senators

Viveraen Senators

Fosaen Senators

Yungion Senators

Tukomokian Senators

Derangon Senators

Angkorian Senators

Seychellyan Senators



Chairpersons of Domestic Affairs

     Chairpersons of Justice

     Chairpersons of Economy

     Chairpersons of Health

     Chairpersons of Population 

     Chairpersons of Land

   Chairpersons of Peoples' Industry

         Chairpersons of Agriculture

         Chairpersons of Manufacturing

         Chairpersons of Hospitality

         Chairpersons of Business

         Chairpersons of Education

   Chairpersons of Controlled Industry

        Chairpersons of Pharmacy

        Chairpersons of Transport

        Chairpersons of Energy

        Chairpersons of Resources

Chairpersons of International Affairs

  Chairpersons of War 

        Chairpersons of Aggression

        Chairpersons of Defense

     Chairpersons of Trade

     Chairpersons of Treaties

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1)05/12/2021 10:10 pm BankNytrulaDer-Elppa$0.0030,
2)05/02/2021 05:39 pm Aurora BankNytrulaToxicPepper$,000.001,000.00
3)05/01/2021 05:33 pm Aurora BankNytrulaThe millennial empire$
4)05/01/2021 05:10 pm Aurora BankNytrulaToxicPepper$29,000,
5)05/01/2021 04:04 am Aurora BankNytrulaThe millennial empire$10,000,
6)04/30/2021 10:14 pm Aurora BankNytrulaThe millennial empire$40,000,
7)04/30/2021 04:19 am NytrulaBorealis BankNytrula$8,000,000.0010,,300.00400.000.00284.00378.000.000.00
8)04/29/2021 01:39 pm The Unity BankNytrulaThe Unity$
9)04/28/2021 01:47 am NytrulaBorealis BankNytrula$3,411,709.470.00300.00200.00100.00100.00200.0050.00400.00100.000.00100.00
10)04/25/2021 09:03 pm NytrulaBorealis BankNytrula$9,000,
11)04/25/2021 06:53 pm Council of Nations BankNytrulaCapallika$
12)04/23/2021 02:51 am Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo BankNytrulahitrll$9,695.
13)04/22/2021 10:58 pm NytrulaBorealis BankNytrula$4,330,656.810.
14)04/21/2021 02:06 am NytrulaBorealis BankNytrula$3,000,
15)04/17/2021 10:22 pm Sunrisers BankNytrulaRepublic Of Adityapuram$

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