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The Republic of Tamar is a nation led by President Raden Alif on the continent of Africa. The Republic of Tamar's government is a Constitutional Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Republic of Tamar favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Republic of Tamar is the Franc. At 387 days old, The Republic of Tamar is an ancient nation. The Republic of Tamar has a population of 4,536,155 and a land area of 60,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 75.60. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is plentiful with an approval rating of 98.9992%.

Economy :

  • Tamar's export include  Bauxite, Oil, Uranium, Gasoline, and Aluminium.


Treaties :

  • Tamar is part of the CTBT and will never posses and conduct test on Nuclear and chemical weapons.
  • Tamar is also involved in Economic Treaties with various other nations.


About the Flag :

  • The Yellow Represents sunshine and hope
  • The Green Represents the Nature of the country
  • The Blue represents The surrounding ocean, Stability and Loyalty
  • The Red represents the strength of the people
  • The White Star represents Purity and the Youth of the Country


Roles in Government : 

Internal Affair of the Independent Imperial Federation (alliance disbanded, merged with Federal Cooperative Republic)

Internal Affair for the Federal Cooperative Republic 

Foreign Affair for the Federal Cooperative Republic (Alliance disbanded, merged with The Fighting Pacifist)


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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Tamar
Leader Name:Raden Alif
Currency: Currency Image
History:Tamar is a nation that was established in 25/8/2020 after gaining independence from France by the Separatist movement Group called the TUSG (Tamar's United Separatist Group) the group was supported by other Militias and fought heavily against the France Army, the war was devastating with thousands of families being displaced, the Referendum for Independence was held in 24 August 2020 and results came out at the 25th as of 87% of Tamarians wanted independence, after independence Tamar fell into civil war in December 2030 in a fight for political power, and also experienced a coup in 2037, Raden Alif was the first President of Tamar that also fought for independence as a Leader of the Movement and his brother Muhammad Nur Zagardif that was the General of TUSG become vice president
Land Area:96,560.40 sq. km
Terrain:Tamar is mostly a Prosperous Nation, 95% of the Land in Tamar is arable however only 26.8% of the land is covered in forest as a lot of it is gone due to infrastructure and development and small area, Forest cover can mostly be found in the Middle Region where 15% of the forest is located and the South Region where 11.8% of forest is found, The North Region is mostly Mountainous, the middle region is mostly valleys and the South Region is mostly Flat and sits near the sea, There are only two main rivers the Sovalit River that goes from the North Region to the South and dumps in the Sea while the Gava River empties out to the Middle Region Lake Kasah and all the river sources are from Lake Nur the biggest Lake in Tamar which sits in the North Region
Highest Peak:MT. Tamar, 5,356 meters
Lowest Valley:Kasvtat, -467 meters
Climate:Tamar has four seasons like most european countries and seasons like winter is only available in the North and Middle Region whereas the South Region does not experience snow for the most part though temperatures might drop to an average 20 Degrees the South Region is mostly warm
People & Society
Population:4,536,155 people
Demonym Plural:Tamarian's
Ethnic Groups:Tamarian - 50.0%
Swahili - 35.0%
French - 15.0%
Languages:Tamarian - 70.0%
English - 70.0%
French - 20.0%
Religions:Islam - 50.0%
Christianity - 30.0%
Judaism - 20.0%
Life Expectancy:78 years
Alcohol Users:49.2%
Tobacco Users:27.5%
Cannabis Users:9.7%
Hard Drug Users:14.7%
Description: Tamar is a not so prosperous nation in terms of Economy, the GDP is High but the GDP per capita is low, and about 9.8% of the population is living below poverty line and Unemployment rate is at 10.5%, Tamar has suffered through many civil wars and massive corruption which resulted in an economic depression in August, days after the independence causing the Economy to crumble and Tamar is currently fixing its economy one step at a time while the economy remains fragile and can collapse at any time
Average Yearly Income:$170.73
Gross Domestic Product (GDP):$5,182,375,974.00
GDP per Capita:$1,142.46
Gross National Income (GNI):$3,497,433,285.00
Industries:Major industries include Agriculture, Farming, Tourism, mining and producing products such as steel and munitions, Tamar is also trying to produce goods like Aluminium and Gasoline but buy's Natural resources like Oil and Bauxite or Uranium from other countries or from allies inside or outside the Alliance and turns them into Aluminium, Gasoline and others and export it to other countries
History:The Military Forces of Tamar is formed during the separatist movement and is currently active, Tamar spends at least 2.7% of it GDP towards military upgrades, which is above the average (2%)
Nuclear Weapons:0
Last Updated: 08/12/2021 05:59 am