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Home of the homeless Bandit is a nation led by Overlord Hobbs on the continent of North America. Home of the homeless Bandit's government is a Social Democracy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Home of the homeless Bandit favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Home of the homeless Bandit is the Bus Tokens. At 438 days old, Home of the homeless Bandit is an ancient nation. Home of the homeless Bandit has a population of 4,720,255 and a land area of 51,750.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 91.21. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

$1 Billion in cash looted 11/6/2020

$2 Billion in cash looted 9/9/21


War stats don't matter.


“Everyone always says life isn't fair, but why isn't it unfair in my favor?”



















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1)09/18/2021 10:09 pm The Knights Radiant BankBanditPennsylvania Commonwealth$118,091.0060.
2)09/18/2021 03:22 pm The Knights Radiant BankBanditEye of Terror$492,511.00243.001.003.0025.
3)09/15/2021 03:49 pm Black Knights BankBanditPheonix$
4)09/13/2021 02:09 am The Knights Radiant BankBanditLunchboxistan$5,
5)09/10/2021 11:33 pm Guardian BankBanditVyseran Oversector$74,577.0084.000.000.0015.001.0011.000.0077.00104.0073.0057.00
6)09/10/2021 04:17 pm Guardian BankBanditGoalenator Nation$128,148.00144.000.000.0025.002.0020.000.00133.00180.00126.0097.00
7)09/10/2021 08:30 am Oblivion BankBanditWoodstockia$55,687.0079.006.0013.005.0012.
8)09/09/2021 04:30 pm The Knights Radiant BankBanditEmpire of Evil$7,998.0010.
9)09/08/2021 09:56 pm The Knights Radiant BankBanditThe Dark Lands$51,942.0037.
10)09/08/2021 01:50 am Oblivion BankBanditsaudi-sparta$
11)09/06/2021 03:40 pm Oblivion BankBanditPutinia$
12)09/04/2021 03:36 pm The Knights Radiant BankBanditManitoba$113,514.0060.000.000.0031.
13)09/04/2021 10:29 am The Knights Radiant BankBanditThe CIS$63,751.
14)09/02/2021 11:49 pm The Firm BankBanditLiones$,000.000.00
15)09/02/2021 12:57 pm The Knights Radiant BankBanditBritannia$28,790.0027.

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