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Multipia is a nation led by Directrix Natonito on the continent of North America. Multipia's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, Multipia favors right wing policies. The official currency of Multipia is the Dollar. At 108 days old, Multipia is a mature nation. Multipia has a population of 2,091,151 and a land area of 24,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 87.13. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

This small coastal nation has recently left a long period of isolation and seeks to make its way among the nations of the world, guarded and cautious about the dangerous times it has found itself in.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Multipia
Leader Name:Natonito
Currency:Currency Image Dollar
History:A small island nation that was first developed in the early 1980's, Multipia was long hidden and secretive about its affairs given the hostility of the Cold War that existed at the time. Recently, though, the nation has become much more public, which has presented some difficulties given the fact that it is still a capital offense to be socialist in the nation and interaction with the outside world has been limited to a single port to protect foreigners from the xenophobic attitudes of the majority of the nation's citizens.
Continent:North America
Land Area:38,624.16 sq. km
Terrain:Most of the island of Multipia is farmland and there are plenty of rivers and lakes to provide water, but the capital of the nation is located in a hilly and remote area to the north of the country.
Highest Peak:Mt. Albright, 2,050 meters
Lowest Valley:Bravia River Valley, 0 meters
Climate:Multipia has a mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters, without an extreme degree of variation either way.
People & Society
Population:2,091,151 people
Demonym Plural:Multipians
Ethnic Groups:Bravian - 82.4%
Toa - 10.6%
American - 7.0%
Languages: - 100.0%
Multipian - 93.0%
Spanish - 1.2%
Religions:Church of God - 93.0%
Protestant - 4.8%
Catholic - 1.2%
Life Expectancy:81 years
Alcohol Users:10.3%
Tobacco Users:0%
Cannabis Users:0%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:This nation has a capitalist economy which is moderated by strong enforcement of biblical economic laws.
Average Yearly Income:$278.67
GDP per Capita:$1,132.97
Industries:Major industries include tourism, uranium mining, and the manufacture of weapons and military equipment.
History:The armed forces were established upon the nation's founding when the national militia, coast guard, and air & space force were simultaneously founded upon the settlement of Multipia.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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