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The United States of Murder is a nation led by Captain Thames on the continent of North America. The United States of Murder's government is a Democracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, The United States of Murder favors moderate policies. The official currency of The United States of Murder is the Dollar. At 126 days old, The United States of Murder is a mature nation. The United States of Murder has a population of 2,644,954 and a land area of 30,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 88.17. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Murder
Leader Name:Thames
Currency:Currency Image Dollar
History:Murder became a nation in the year 2020, it was established due to a civil war between its citizens and the government, the new nation has one goal and one goal only, to kill all. They selected a new leader to govern them and guide them in the direction of killing and winning.
Continent:North America
Land Area:48,280.20 sq. km
Terrain:mostly flat and barren desert covered with loose sand and gravel
Highest Peak:Mt. Slay, 104 meters
Lowest Valley:Revenge Gulf, 0 meters
Climate:arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers
People & Society
Population:2,644,954 people
Demonym Plural:Murderers
Ethnic Groups:Kill - 100.0%
Languages:English - 100.0%
Religions:Christian - 100.0%
Life Expectancy:69 years
Alcohol Users:100%
Tobacco Users:0%
Cannabis Users:12%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:Murder has a capitalist economy
Average Yearly Income:$192.72
GDP per Capita:$1,426.34
Industries:Major cities mine coal for profit on the market
History:The armed forces of Murder was established after the overthrow of the government to protect its people and service is optional but highly encouraged.
Nuclear Weapons:0
Last Updated: 09/18/2020 12:23 pm