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Serene Republic Of Venice

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La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic Of Venice is a nation led by Doge Francesco Foscari on the continent of Europe. La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic Of Venice's government is a Federal Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic Of Venice favors far right wing policies. The official currency of La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic Of Venice is the Euro. At 120 days old, La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic Of Venice is a mature nation. La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic Of Venice has a population of 164,071 and a land area of 10,700.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 15.33. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is plentiful with an approval rating of 93.7811%.

La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic of Venice is a trade oriented nation in southern Europe. Its youth has brought about a vigour in the people of this new nation, and as such it has begun to climb through the ranks of the global market. Its leaders hope to find it a niche as a major steel producer, providing powerful allies with valuable resources in exchange for protection and assistance in growth. Profit is valued above all by the government of Venice, and they shall stop at nothing to assure its deliverance.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Serene Republic Of Venice
Leader Name:Francesco Foscari
Currency:Currency Image Euro
History:Built out of nothing, the city state of Venice has rapidly become a minor regional power. Its focus on trade and naval capacity has allowed its influence over the Adriatic to grow. Venice's advancements came initially through seeking many powerful allies. With their protection, they were easily able to privateer against weak and unsuspecting neighbours with little fear of retaliation.
Land Area:17,219.94 sq. km
Terrain:Venice is built upon marshes and swamps, literally built out of the water. It's trade outposts vary greatly, but all are mountainous.
Highest Peak:Campanile di San Marco, 99 meters
Lowest Valley:acqua alta, 19 meters
People & Society
Population:164,071 people
Demonym Plural:Venetians
Ethnic Groups:Italian - 86.0%
Slovene - 10.0%
German - 3.6%
Languages:Italian - 97.0%
Religions:Catholicism - 36.0%
Life Expectancy:1 years
Alcohol Users:1%
Tobacco Users:1%
Cannabis Users:1%
Hard Drug Users:1%
Description:This nation's economy is its heart. It is a mercantile republic, and exists through trade and privateering.
Average Yearly Income:$171.28
GDP per Capita:$3,996.28
Industries:It's biggest industries are steel and videogame development.
History:There is less of an army, more of a ragtag group of geezers who like to shoot people.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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