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Cyberdyne Sector: Morrowland is a nation led by Director Miles Dyson on the continent of Asia. Cyberdyne Sector: Morrowland's government is a Noocracy with very anarchist social policies. Economically, Cyberdyne Sector: Morrowland favors moderate policies. The official currency of Cyberdyne Sector: Morrowland is the Energon Cubes. At 1,463 days old, Cyberdyne Sector: Morrowland is an ancient nation. Cyberdyne Sector: Morrowland has a population of 799,526 and a land area of 27,180.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 29.42. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Morrowland
Leader Name:Miles Dyson
Currency:Currency Image Energon Cubes
History:The Co-operative Parliament of Morrowland was founded in May 1st 1994 by refugees from several other fallen nations; who were brought together with the divine guidance of Miles Dyson.
Land Area:43,741.86 sq. km
Terrain:The political terrain of The Co-operative Parliament of Morrowland is as follows:

Seats (300)
• Alliance of the Libertarian Left (144)
• Sovereign Citizens Coalition (9)
Official Opposition
• Campaign for Social Democracy (75)
Other Opposition
• National Integrity Party (18)
• Party for the Abolition of Parliament (16)
• Free Communist Party (15)
• Party for Marxist Unification (11)
• Universal Union Bloc (9)
• Independents (3)

Party Politics

ALL - Mutualism, Individualist Anarchism
SCC – Voluntarism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Minarchism
CSD – Social Democracy, Social Liberalism
NIP – Civic Nationalism, Classical Liberalism, Conservatism, Republicanism
PAP – Anti-Parliament, Anti-Warlord
FCP – Anarcho-Communism, Council Communism
PMU – Marxist-Leninism, Trotskyism
UUB – Parliamentarian, Panarchism, Universalism, Centrism, Pacifism
Independents include representatives from pro-Dyson coalition known as The Warlord Party, The Purple Renaissance Movement, and the Back to Black Movement (recently defunct).
Highest Peak:Mount Dyson, 5 meters
Lowest Valley:Shit Basin, 5 meters
Climate:In 2000, Miles Dyson forever changed the political climate of Orbis with an unprecedented move during his own trial, regarding his use of intimidation as a method of recruitment, while under the protection of the Black Knights. He shook the world and captured the attention of hundreds of nations, when a desperate party called into question the ethics of his recruitment methods; and Dyson proved his recruitment tactics were 100% legal, not only under the Law of BK, but also under the provisions of most major alliances. The accusing party was discredited, destabilized and forced into permanent isolation; leaving Miles vindicated, and many world leaders to question their own policies. Nevertheless, the situation stirred controversy amongst the leadership of BK; and in a desperate move to distance themselves from the trial, BK's former Emperor and current Viceroy, Yosodog, expelled The Union of Mystici from the alliance of the Black Knights. Since then, the nation formally known as Mystici, has changed it's name to Morrowland, and joined the United Purple Nations as Legionary; in an event called The Purple Renaissance. Yosodog also extended a formal invitation to return to BK one day, with many leaders from the alliance having voted against the expulsion. The Back to Black Movement is a minor group in Morrowland with a constituency in parliament, dedicated to Morrowland's return to BK. It is opposed in government by The Purple Renaissance Movement. As of now, the issue is undecided, with doubts cast by the Supreme Warlord Miles Dyson, who is skeptical of the actions of Yosodog; not to mention the overall citizen approval of UPN, due to a rise in national growth during the last year. In 2009, Morrowland returned to BK, and aided in their defeat of their enemies in the Silent War; including and all out assault on UPN, wherein Morrowland crushed 10+ nations, and 24 enemy nations overall.
People & Society
Population:799,526 people
Demonym:Mystician, Morrows
Demonym Plural:Mysticians, Morrows
Ethnic Groups:Black Orbisians - 60.0%
Ayyliens - 40.0%
N/A - 0.0%
Languages:English - 100.0%
N/A - 0.0%
N/A - 0.0%
Religions:Perennialism - 50.0%
Universalism - 25.0%
Esotericism - 25.0%
Life Expectancy:0 years
Alcohol Users:50%
Tobacco Users:2%
Cannabis Users:100%
Hard Drug Users:20%
Description:Morrowland has a mixed economic landscape with three primary sectors:

Social sector: comprised mainly of co-ops; but also ESOPs, non-profits, charities, etc.
Private sector: comprised mainly of freelancers and small capitalist enterprises
National sector: comprised of courts, police, and infrastructure; paid for by taxes
Defense sector: comprised of all military forces under the command of Warlord Dyson

Nearly 65% of all working citizens are self-employed, and a remaining 30% are members of unions. Homelessness is non-existent, and poverty rates are typically very low; around only 3% of the population. Most citizens are in the middle-class, and disparity between the upper and lower sectors is very minimal.

Average Yearly Income:$71.42
GDP per Capita:$709.28
Industries:Most major industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and public transportation, are co-operatized and confederated.
History:Morrowland has fought in many global wars since its inception; including The Great VE War, Oktoberfest, 168 Days War, The War on Arrgh, The Silent War, and The Trail of Tiers. All forces are under the strict command of Chief Warlord, Miles Dyson.

Ground Forces: Stormtroopers, lead by general Darth Vader
Air Forces: Falcons, lead by Grand Moff Tarkin
Naval Forces: HYDRA, lead by Admiral Akbar
Intelligence: S.H.I.E.L.D, lead by Agent Coulson
Secret Service: SHIELDMaidens, lead by ???

Nuclear Weapons:0
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