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The Communist Utopian Union of Cominformia is a nation led by The Preeminent Grand Council on the continent of North America. The Communist Utopian Union of Cominformia's government is a Communist Theocracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Communist Utopian Union of Cominformia favors left wing policies. The official currency of The Communist Utopian Union of Cominformia is the Bitcoin. At 94 days old, The Communist Utopian Union of Cominformia is a mature nation. The Communist Utopian Union of Cominformia has a population of 1,177,598 and a land area of 10,450.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 112.69. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is plentiful with an approval rating of 84.4749%.

The Communist Union Utopian of Cominformia. The righteous nation to rule of Pan-Pacifica. Greetings to you all...

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Cominformia
Leader Name:Grand Council
Currency:Currency Image Bitcoin
History:Timeline of the Cominformian history:

1729-1773: Cominformia was a colony to the Spanish and the British, as the war rage on in the new world, the people of Cominformia grew restless.

1774-1785: As the United States became an independent country, more and more independent movement begin to grow inside the colonies

1786-1787: The Great Independent War began, first started from British colonies, then to the Spanish colonies, the casualties were high for both sides. The US later granted aid to Cominformia, and a year after, the war was won.

1788-1856: The Kingdom of Cominformia was a constitutional monarchy, and continued to influenced lands around the Republic, later, in the 19th century, 8 separate wars were fought between the Europeans and The Americans.

1857-1859: The Final War of Independence began in 1857. It was a war of bloodbath, over 900 thousand Cominformians were killed, but the struggle carried on, eventually, Britain and Spain's economy crashed, and the war was forced to stop. Cominformia annexed British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska, and parts of Alberta from the treaty. The Treaty also stated that all participating parties shall not go to war with each other for 30 years

1860-1913: The Republic of Cominformia, now a free republic, annexed Southern California, and the Mexican Gulf from the War of El Norte, in 1899, Cominformia also liberated Mexico and the Central Americas. In 1901, the federation treaty was signed between several aboriginal tribes and Cominformia, to merge with Cominformia, in fear of the incoming threat of Manifest Destiny.

1914-1919: The WWI started in Europe, Cominformia was neutral in the war, since it was not bothered by the German threat. The Allies were victorious, and soon later the Treaty of Versailles took place in 1919.

1920-1926: The USSR, home of the revolution, spread their theocracy across the pacific, into the Republic of Cominformia. In 1921, Social Dem. won the election, and in 1926, the Cominformist Party won the election, marking the beginning of the modern Cominformian society.

1927-1938: The great depression haunted the earth, however with the Cominformian ideological economy, the impact was insignificant, and with the introduction of "Terra Accord", many countries such as the US, France, Soviet Union, and Portugal were aided. From the success of Cominformism, across the globe such political ideology started to rise. In 1935, Communist China was the first to adapt Cominformism, after the famous speech "Why we fight" was delivered by Mao Ze-dong.

1939- 1943: The WWII arrived, and as the USSR was in desperate need of assistance. The Cominform Grand Council made a decision that changed its fate: it declared war on the Axis members, including Japan. Because Japan declared war on USSR in 1941 as well. The Pacific War was no match, the Cominformian navy, who had been building up strength since the 19 century, unleashed its full might on the Japanese navy, using the Ozeanbiltzrieg (Ocean Lighting Strom) strategy, Japanese navy lost all its organization. and the counter-invasion of Japan marked the end of Japanese dominance in the seas. later on, in 1943, over 2 million well-equipped soldiers crossed into the German territory, using the various naval invasion, grasped Berlin with the soviets before the Allies even secured France. The peace treaty was harsh on the Axis members. The Comninformian Party annexed the majority of Japanese islands in the pacific and puppeted southern Japan (the north is controlled by the soviets since the US didn't do much in the war).

1940-1999: the Soviet Union and NATO entered into the cold war, Cominformia being basically the middle ground of the Soviets and Americans, left the Comintern and declared neutrality. In 1998, the much exhausted Soviet Union and the US signed The Treaty of Munich, vowing that both parties would end the decade long aggression, and both factions would be converted into the United Free Nations (UFN), and all countries have the right to choose their parties and ideology.

2000-2001: Cominformia changed its name and government on February 19, 2000, to the "Communist Utopian Union of Cominformia" and the official government altered the Cominformism, into a somewhat more liberal government, with 3 parties in charge (Politics will be more clarified in economy Factbook)

2002-present day: Cominformia entered the UN in 2003, and is considered a global superpower, with the EU (United in 2001), Soviet Union (Merged with Eastern Europe and central Asia), United States and Malpanesia (A Federation of China, Japan and the majority of eastern Asia)
Continent:North America
Land Area:16,817.60 sq. km
Terrain:"From the cold Alaskan forest to the desert of West-Mexica. Through the ocean of the Pacific, into the islands of Asia"

The Cominformian Territory stretched the globe, with 8791067.781 km2 in terms of landmass.

Cominformia ranked 3rd in the world in terms of landmass, only behind the Soviet Union and Malpanesia, both with respective landmass of 25226346.099 km2 and 12881803.053 km2.

Cominformian terrain is very mixed, with Jungle, Deserts, Mountains, Arctic, Plains, and countless others
Highest Peak:Mt.Hailin (Mt.Denali in our world), 6,190 meters
Lowest Valley: Badwater Basin, Death Volley, -84 meters
Climate:Depends where you are in the vast union, the temperature can be -57.1 in the winter, and 41.3 in the summer. (The Governemnt don't suggest living in both extreme climate areas)

People & Society
Population:1,177,598 people
Demonym Plural:Cominians
Ethnic Groups:Anglo-Saxon - 66.3%
Latino - 14.4%
Native Americans - 19.3%
Languages: - 94.9%
Spanish - 5.0%
Others - 0.1%
Religions:Atheism - 75.8%
Catholic - 12.2%
Orthodox - 12.0%
Life Expectancy:78 years
Alcohol Users:24.3%
Tobacco Users:0%
Cannabis Users:10.4%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:The Cominformian government Has a left-wing political system. The election is available for all citizens over 16. Only the ideologies of that support the little people and workers are permitted, meaning nationalism, fascism, the authoritarianism of any sort is prohibited. Right ideologies are permitted but, rarely anyone would vote for it.
Conformism is an in-between ideology of Democratic Socialism and Utopian Communism, and an election happens every 12 years. If a party is elected, the party can have 5 members in the Utopian Council, the second most voted party gets 3 members, and the third gets 2 members.
When a major issue is being solved, each party has to make their own decision, and the people would cast their vote for the party they think is the fittest.
Dengism mainly focuses on the economy, with more reforms in the economy, the country’s GDP and GDP per capita tend to get better when they are elected.
Utopianism mainly focuses on the political goal, which is to achieve Utopian-Communism, during the elected years, society tends to develop more rapidly and more state projects are built.
Unionism mainly focuses on global politics and international relationships, more foreign campaigns, and interventions occur when they are in power.
All parties have to obey to one thing- they have to do anything in their power for a flourishing Cominformian Utopian Society

The economic status of Cominformia right now is still capitalism, since it won't have the capability yet to transform into a Commmunist ecnomy.
Average Yearly Income:$125.16
GDP per Capita:$1,511.49
Industries:Major industries including information technologies, Fishing, Salt making, and lumber manufacturing.
History:The Cominformian Surpeme Ground Army was established with the Kingdom, beginning with a small force of 2100 soldiers, as more wars were fought, the army was expanded into a brutal force of 100,000 active personnel by the late 1800s.

Today, the Cominformian Supreme Ground Army has a size of 2,500,000 soldiers, with 500,000 active personnel, and 2,000,000 reserve personnel. The Tank Force has over 10,000 tanks, only 2nd to the Soviet Union. the missile/artillery force is also stunning, with over 90,000 launchable missiles, and 72 nuclear missiles.

The Supreme Air Force has a total count of 3050 Planes

The Supreme Navy Force has a total count of 12 active carriers, 30 battle-cruisers, 35 destroyers, 56 battleships, and 93 submarines. 8 of the submarines can also be armed with nuclear weapons.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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