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The United Republic of Brewsland is a nation led by President Sotally Tober on the continent of North America. The United Republic of Brewsland's government is a Constitutional Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, The United Republic of Brewsland favors right wing policies. The official currency of The United Republic of Brewsland is the Gold Standard. At 75 days old, The United Republic of Brewsland is an established nation. The United Republic of Brewsland has a population of 357,433 and a land area of 4,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 89.36. Pollution in the nation is everywhere. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

A nation devoid of the corrupt and uplifting of the independent.

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1)05/20/2020 07:19 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$
2)05/20/2020 07:17 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$2,375,979.990.0067.5470.000.00106.000.0055.
3)05/19/2020 09:13 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$7,183,789.840.0092.682.0012.400.0026.000.0011.0028.00279.0065.00
4)05/18/2020 09:41 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$4,301,992.230.0073.680.
5)05/17/2020 08:10 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$5,767,094.793,035.991,449.040.00198.601,544.001,,228.003.00
6)05/14/2020 09:30 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$2,035,204.992,032.5366.1564.0069.207.00195.000.00187.00765.02115.2540.00
7)05/14/2020 02:07 am BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$
8)05/14/2020 02:05 am BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$15,618,039.560.00313.
9)05/11/2020 10:49 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$10,067,137.782,181.4972.68352.000.00569.0061.00232.00103.00202.0048.00120.00
10)05/10/2020 10:23 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$17,129,144.04705.97290.720.0020.800.00113.000.0024.0041.00209.001.00
11)05/06/2020 11:05 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$591,988.691,518.29176.67480.00205.50346.00190.00257.00241.50465.54155.00304.00
12)05/06/2020 05:21 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$8,428,914.370.0082.460.
13)05/05/2020 01:02 pm BrewslandRose BankBrewsland$45,026,969.5011,201.80524.37199.00693.00294.00612.00193.00307.00506.33686.00508.00
14)04/30/2020 03:39 pm Rose BankBrewslandZakuul$11,000,000.005,

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