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The Republic of Champia is a nation led by President Russ James on the continent of North America. The Republic of Champia's government is a Democratic Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Republic of Champia favors far right wing policies. The official currency of The Republic of Champia is the Bitcoin. At 405 days old, The Republic of Champia is an ancient nation. The Republic of Champia has a population of 4,024,195 and a land area of 42,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 95.81. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.


fluer_spacer.pngbanner_5.png- CHAMPIA - President: Russ James The_Fleur.pngAllegiance: ROSE Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon SjZnBUl.png united_flags.pngfluer_spacer.pngRaiders whisper, "You can't withstand the storm." Champia replies, "I am the STORM." Let this be a warning; if you attack Champia you will face the full wrath of, not only this strong nation, but the might of the Rose Empire. It will not be worth it. Stars.pngChampia_Flag_2.png Current National Flag 4/23/20 - Present - - - - - Champia_Flag_2.jpg National Flag 4/01/20 - 4/23/20 Current Military Flag - - - - - prez_flg.png Honorary Legendary Leader Tribute Flag - - - - - short_pillar.png

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