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The Coastal Republic of Mangnmangn is a nation led by Elected Leader Qawerion on the continent of Asia. The Coastal Republic of Mangnmangn's government is a Democratic Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Coastal Republic of Mangnmangn favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Coastal Republic of Mangnmangn is the Energon Cubes. At 169 days old, The Coastal Republic of Mangnmangn is a mature nation. The Coastal Republic of Mangnmangn has a population of 1,653,843 and a land area of 17,880.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 92.50. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Once upon a time, there was a young nation. It never dreamed to be a big superpower, just to be a peaceful, prosperous, respected nation.
For 168 days, the young nation was granted protection by the trade bloc it was in. No nation could pierce through that beige shield. But, after those 168 days were over, the young nation was out to fend for itself. It grew into a modest, small nation with five recognized cities.
However, the young nation was naive. It had no strong army to defend itself. It did not seem very bad, until disaster struck. A larger nation pointed their guns at the young nation. The small army was overrun and exterminated within a week, and the attackers pillaged the young nation, stealing its riches and wreaking havoc in urban areas.
The young nation was shattered by the invasion, but put itself together quickly after that. The peace did not last forever, though. For the money within its banks, another nation invaded this young nation. Grudgingly, a deal was negotiated for the nation to give away much of its savings. After that, the young nation taught itself how to fight wars, and bravely started pillaging other nations.
After a few months, the young nation found a perfect alliance and settled down to a safe life. The time in that alliance was terrific. The young nation had many chances to attack other nations for their resources and slowly it got richer.
Until, all of a sudden, the alliance decided to merge into a larger one. The new alliance the nation had been told to join, however, did not believe that all members of the smaller alliance were automatically members of itself, and that even those nations had to go through a screening like any other nation looking to join them. The young nation was booted out of the alliance. It knew that nations would want to invade it, and went into a period of dormancy, temporarily cutting off all outside relations and freezing itself into a state of "sleep". It wasn't long before the young nation found another alliance to join, and crawled out of its sleep. The young nation thought it had a bright future right ahead, until the alliance rejected it for no reason.
Finally, the young nation stumbled upon a good alliance. One that truly cared for it. The young nation applied to it and when it got accepted, the young nation knew it had found where it truly belonged.
And that young, ever naive nation was named Mangnmangn.

Founded: 28 January 2020 (24 July 2048)

Basic Information
Nation Name:Mangnmangn
Leader Name:Qawerion
Nation ID: 190756
Founded:01/28/2020 (169 Days Old)
Last Activity:Active 8 minutes ago
Unique ID:c8dc70f31801de3bc6aa43c1
International Relations
Alliance:Atlas Technologies Alliance Flag
Alliance Seniority:6 days
Color Trade Bloc: Lime is Da Wei
Nation Page Visits:3,893
Population: 1,653,843
Infrastructure: 12,500.00
Land Area: 17,880 sq. miles
Avg Pop Density: 92.50 people/sq. mi
GDP: $1,992,145,742.00
GDP per Capita: $1,204.56
Economic Policies: Extreme Left
Currency:Currency Image
Government Type: Democratic Republic Govt Icon
Domestic Policy: Urbanization Urbanization Icon
Social Policies: Liberal
State Religion: None None
Approval Rating: 100% (588.62)
Pollution Index: 0 points
Radiation Index: 38.91 R (Global: 21.82 R)
OBL Team:Sun Mice
Nation Rank:#2,665 of 21,952 Nations (12.14%)
Nation Score: More Information 1,261.55
War Policy: HelpArcane Arcane Icon
Nuclear Weapons:
Nation Stats
Infrastructure Destroyed:6,751.34
Infrastructure Lost:284.00
Money Looted:$24,491,734.50
Wars Won:36
Wars Lost:1

There are no posted bounties on this nation.

8 Cities [M]
Nation Activity
07/15 12:23 pm - Mangnmangn changed their Color Trade Bloc from Purple to Lime.
07/09 12:13 pm - Mangnmangn declared war on Innistrad for the reason of "你是番薯吗?".
07/07 09:41 am - Mangnmangn applied to join the alliance Atlas Technologies.
06/26 11:45 am - Mangnmangn left and disbanded the alliance Mangnmangn.
06/26 11:45 am - Mangnmangn created the alliance Mangnmangn.
06/25 10:43 am - Mangnmangn left the alliance Aurora.
06/17 05:55 am - Mangnmangn applied to join the alliance Aurora.
06/16 02:08 pm - Mangnmangn changed their Color Trade Bloc from Brown to Purple.
06/11 11:02 am - Patrick Stewart removed Mangnmangn from the alliance The Enterprise.
06/04 09:15 am - Mangnmangn applied to join the alliance The Enterprise.
06/04 09:14 am - Mangnmangn left the alliance Typhon.
05/30 03:23 am - Qawerion built a new project: Iron Dome
05/11 08:36 am - founded a new city, Fitoniria.
05/10 09:39 am - Mangnmangn declared war on Polarity for the reason of "All your things belong to everybody".
04/18 08:58 am - Mangnmangn had war declared by Gambia for the reason of "your counter is invalid".
04/17 12:29 pm - Mangnmangn declared war on Minora for the reason of "Typhon Counter".
04/16 09:58 am - Mangnmangn declared war on Handor for the reason of "We have come to come to you".
Nation Score Over Time
Score Component Breakdown
2 National Projects
Intelligence Agency
Intelligence Agency is a national project that allows you to do two espionage operations per day instead of one and train up to 60 spies.
Iron Dome
Iron Dome is a national project that gives you a 50% chance of shooting down enemy missiles.